Advantages And Disadvantages Of Simple Barometer


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of simple barometer? If you are looking for answers regarding this topic then you have come to the end of your search. This article will be discussing on all you need to know about simple barometer together with its advantages and disadvantages.

a labelled diagram of a simple barometer

The first thing to know about barometers is that they primarily measure air pressure. Air pressure is caused by the weight of the air above the Earth and its interaction with gravity. Barometers can measure anything from atmospheric pressure to vacuum, which is absolute zero pressure.

Air pressure is measured in millibars, which is abbreviated as mb. One bar of air at sea level is approximately equivalent to 1.01325 times the air pressure of Earth’s atmosphere at the same altitude.

Another thing to know about barometers is that it cannot be measured directly; it must be used indirectly by comparing other measurements taken with it and with other instruments. A simple barometer has two scales: one for the dial and one for its pointer.

What Is A Simple Barometer?

A simple barometer is a scientific instrument used for measuring air pressure in a certain environment. A barometer is basically a combination of two devices, a tube and a cup.

The tube is filled with mercury, which rises as it expands when the pressure increases. The mercury then falls back as the pressure decreases, creating an upward and downward motion of water in the cup.

This movement can be detected by means of complicated instruments known as “pressure gauges”, computerized to read electronic signals. The pressure of the surrounding atmosphere is then compared to the pressure of the mercury in the tube.

Pressure tendency can forecast short term changes in the weather. Many measurements of air pressure are used within surface weather analysis to help find surface troughs, pressure systems and frontal boundaries.

A barometer can be attached to a computer and be operated digitally. The digital display of pressure can be integrated into a weather forecasting system. This type of system is referred to as an “automated weather station”.

There is also a tendency meter which has the ability to measure changes in pressure over time, or ‘tendency’. These are often used in association with automated weather stations, barometers and other types of atmospheric pressure measurement systems (thermometers, etc.).

A barometer can measure almost any atmospheric condition, from extremely humid to extremely arid, and from very high to very low pressures. Barometers can also indicate a change in pressure that can result in severe weather.

The higher or lower the air pressure is at any given time, the greater chance there will be of precipitation and stormy weather.

However, due to technological improvements in meteorology and forecasting, most people have replaced their simple home barometers with more reliable weather stations that send data over telephone lines.

A simple barometer can be easily used by anyone because it does not have complicated technical specifications.

Simple barometers are cheap and easy to design and construct. This is because they use only a few materials, which makes them cost effective, compared to other weather stations such as rain gauges and wind diagraphs.

As mentioned above, simple barometers are usually stand alone devices that do not communicate with each other or any other source of data. They are also simple in their design and do not need third party programming to run properly, except during installation when you will have to program it according to your location’s air pressure values.

Simple barometers are easy to maintain because you can use them anywhere without any need for specialized tools.

a diagram showing the advantages and disadvantages of a simple barometer

A simple barometer uses a liquid instead of a mechanical system to measure air pressure. This liquid is non reactive, which means that it does not change its properties after a period of time.

Most metals do react with oxygen and other atmospheric agents, which is why many instruments that measure atmospheric pressure use a vacuum chamber, which is kept in the absence of oxygen and moisture.

A simple barometer does not need calibration because it uses an element that never changes its properties over time and whose specific weight is known. Simple barometers are cheap and easy to use because you can use them in any location regardless of the environmental conditions.

You can use a simple barometer in your basement, attic or garage because it does not need special conditions to operate. Unlike other meteorological instruments, simple barometers do not require batteries or electricity.

The only thing you will have to do when the device stops working is to clean it. This is something that most people can do easily and quickly if they know how.

A disadvantage of using a simple barometer is that it cannot measure other weather elements such as wind speed, precipitation and temperature. Since it has no ability to do so, you will have to use additional tools if you want detailed information about the surrounding environment.

Moving on. let’s get into the next topic which is the advantages and disadvantages of simple barometer.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Simple Barometer

Here, we will be looking into the advantages and disadvantages of simple barometer but firstly, we will talk about the advantages of simple barometer and then later its disadvantages.

Advantages Of Simple Barometer

Some of the advantages of simple barometer are as follows:

1. Easy To Use

The simplicity of a simple barometer makes it very user friendly. No special tools or instruments are required for maintenance. You can carry it with you anywhere and use it with any device.

It is also very easy to train people on how to use the device because you can use the manual that comes along with it.

2. Easy To Maintain

It also has a very simple design, making it easy to maintain. If a person has basic experience with simple devices, they will be able to handle the maintenance of this device without any problem. It also has a very small size which makes it easy to carry and use.

3. Cost Effective

Simple barometers are also cost effective, which makes them very suitable for use in places with limited budget. You can carry it with you to measure the atmospheric pressure at any location and you do not need to purchase a specialized weather station. It is less expensive compared to other types of weather stations like anemometers

4. High Density

A simple barometer also has a high density. It also has a very high sensitivity and can be used to measure the slightest change in pressure.

Simple barometers are also very dense, and work up to a great height. They can be used in any type of weather condition, and are also very easy to use. This makes them very versatile and practical.

Disadvantages Of Simple Barometer

There are also a few disadvantages of simple barometer as follows:

1. Impractical

If you have to carry an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure, you need to store it in a safe place when you are not using it in order to avoid any damages.

If you are collecting data from different locations, then it is important that each station is placed at the same height and location. This will ensure that you have the readings of data at the same time and have uniform readings.

2. Not Accurate

If you have a barometer and you have to travel to different locations, you will need to correlate the atmospheric pressure readings with the ones taken by other weather stations.

The simple barometer is not as accurate as modern weather stations which are more expensive and complex. These types of instruments are also used in severe weather conditions which are not suitable for simple barometer.

3. Bulky And Fragile

A simple barometer is not useful when you have to travel from one place to another, because it is very fragile. It cannot be stored with other instruments which can cause it damage.

On the other hand, a simple barometer does not have many advantages compared to a more modern weather station. A modern weather station will automatically record the atmospheric pressure in your area and you do not have to manually record the data.

You can also use modern weather stations during severe weather conditions. They also come with powerful software in addition to easy instructions which makes it easier to understand and use them.

4. Difficult To Read Under Hard Conditions

When you are recording data manually, it is very difficult to read a simple barometer under extreme conditions such as rain or strong winds. You can use a modern weather station which will automatically record the atmospheric pressure and makes the task of recording data much easier.


A simple barometer is an important device in the field of meteorology. It has a very low cost which makes it applicable for use in places with limited budget.

It is also very easy to train its users and maintain because it does not require sophisticated instruments or programming. It can also be used in any location, regardless of the environmental conditions, making it very practical and versatile.

Simple barometers are used by meteorologists as well as amateur weather enthusiasts because they are very easy to use and do not require any special tools or training to operate them.

It may seem that there is no need to use simple barometers nowadays when there are many advanced equipment available. In fact, they are still being used by many weather stations and enthusiasts because they are easy to read.

They can give you an easy-to-read indication on what the weather has been doing lately or what we can expect in the future.

a gold color simple barometer

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