Alpo Martinez Net Worth


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Alpo Martinez net worth his estimated to be around $1 million. He is most well known for his appearances on the movie “Paid In Full” which was based on his life.

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Alpo Martinez was born in Puerto Rico and later moved to New York at the age of 6. His parents were poor and he dropped out of high school after his junior year, but later re-enrolled in his senior year. However, he dropped out again at the age of 19.

Following his father’s death in 2008, Martinez found out that his father owed a large amount of debt and was also indicted for operating an illegal gambling ring.

Alpo Martínez is an American former drug lord and convicted murderer who in 1978 organized the so-called “grand theft auto” raid on a prison farm outside Talladega, Alabama. The escape of 24 inmates led to one of the largest manhunts in United States law enforcement history and the eventual capture of all but one of those who escaped.”

Alpo Martinez Net Worth

Early Life & Career

Alberto Geddis Martinez also known as Alp Martinez is an American drug dealer of Puerto Rico descent from Harlem, New York where he built his drug empire. Alpo Martinez was born in June 8, 1966 and rose in the middle 1980s.

He was raised by one of the two children by his single mother. Before he dropped out, he had attended an Automotive Mechanical High School, Roman Catholic school and Julia Richmond High School.

Alpo Martinez is a former drug lord, who had been captured by authorities during his grand theft auto raid. He was indicted for cocaine trafficking and illegal possession of firearms.

Alpo Martinez was only 13 when she started selling drugs in East Harlem. His first drug dealing was done to his friends where he bought drugs and sold them at cost. He never attended college but learned all the tricks of the trade by himself.

Alpo Martinez had made a secret deal with Darryl Jerome Moore, one of his close allies who worked for him as drug courier for years. He was arrested for multiple drug-related offenses, including selling illegal drugs.

He had a more violent past than his drug trade as he used to beat up people and steal their money. He used to work with other gangs in the city’s notorious East Harlem neighborhood where he was known as “The Man With A Thousand Hats” because of his multi talent in different courses.

Alpo Martinez had used to be a machinist, forklift operator and a bouncer before turning into one of the most powerful drug lords in New York City. He had been involved in the heroin trade since he was young and became an integral part of the crack cocaine explosion of the mid-1980s as well.

Not only did Alpo Martinez expand his business in New York, he also did same in other cities like Washington D.C. and Chicago.

In 1991, Martinez was captured in the grand theft auto robbery. He had pulled off one of the largest manhunts in United States law enforcement history. The investigation into the escape left investigators with evidence that led to many arrests.

For his role in the grand theft auto he received a life sentence with no chance of parole for first-degree murder. He plead guilty to distribution of cocaine, burglary and possession of firearms.

Three years later Alpo Martinez’s convictions were overturned when DNA linked him as a minor participant to an earlier case involving drug trafficking in New York and called for his release from prison but never prosecuted for an earlier murder charge.

Alpo Martinez was released from New York prison in 1995, and since then he has been living a low profile life in Harlem.

In early 2000 Alpo Martinez was arrested for possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and also it was reported by police that he had an arsenal of guns inside his apartment at the time of arrest.

Alpo Martinez in his car wearing a cap

Alpo Martinez later pleaded guilty for felony weapons charges and received 3 years probation as well as six months jail time served through weekend work release. In 2003, he was arrested again on drug related charges but never went to trial as the case fell apart due to evidence not presented by prosecutors against him.

Alpo Martinez was involved in 14 counts of murder, conspiracy to murder and several other drug charges. He avoided getting a life sentence by providing information to the authorities to which helped the, track down other drug lords.

Furthermore, the court reduced his sentence to 35 years. Afterwards, he provided discriminating information against his offer associates in the drug world. This led to Alp Martinez early released and a place in the witness protection program.

Alpo Martinez is the author of a book titled “The Real Deal” that was published in 2008. The book gives readers an insight into his life as a drug dealer, what life was like in the streets of Harlem, and how he networked people.

Personal Life

There has been to direct information about the personal life of Alpo Martinez as he has kept it a secret. But it has been mentioned in several news that at the time of his arrest in 1991, his wife was with him through out his trial.

It has also been mentioned that Alpo Martinez has a son, but details of his son have not been revealed in public. Likewise, there is no other information about his wife, son and other family members.

Alpo Martinez was only 25 years at the time of his arrest. He has been a major player in the streets of Harlem, New York during the crack cocaine epidemic.

He was the major supplier of drugs to all gangs that existed in Harlem. Alpo Martinez was not just restricted in selling drugs to only gangs, he also sold them to all races as well. He was known to sell drugs to anyone who wanted it.

The life of Alpo Martinez portrays him as an individual who supported his family by selling drugs and doing other illegal activities as well.

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Alpo Martinez was arrested by the Chicago police officers for being involved with multiple drug distribution and illegal possession of firearms. He then pleaded guilty to one felony count of distribution of cocaine base.

He received no jail time because he cooperated with authorities and provided information which resulted in other drug lords being arrested, thus led to a reduction in drug related arrests as well as violent crime rate in the city.

Alpo Martinez was shot and killed by police ion the 31st October 2021 in Harlem, Hey York. Reports claim that Alpo Martinez was shot in his head and torso by police.

He was shot by police after he drew a gun on cops on patrol in Harlem when they tried to stop him. It has been reported that Alpo Martinez fired at the cops when they surrounded him at an intersection. The officer fired 11 times, hitting him seven times. He died at the scene.

Alpo Martinez has 16,800 followers on Instagram and following 62 @alpoofficialpage.

Moving on, let’s look into the facts and the net worth of Alpo Martinez.

Net Worth

Estimated net worth of Alpo Martinez is $1 million. It has been estimated that Alpo Martinez’s total assets are worth $1 million. He has mentioned his net worth in a book published in 2008 but the source is not disclosed.

Alpo’s daily assets vary from $2,500 to $300,000 depending on his current operations. He also earns a monthly income from various media and network deals that he has done with other people who are interested in his business ventures.

Alpo Martinez has been involved in the game of drugs since he was a small boy due to the fact that his family were poor and could not afford some stuffs or carter for their needs.

Full Name: Alberto Geddis Martinez
Other Names: Alpo Martinez, Alpo, Po
Birth Date: June 8, 1966
Birth Place: East Harlem, New York, U. S.
Birth Sign: Gemini
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Country: USA
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Puerto-Rican
High School: Roman Catholic, Automotive Mechanical & Julia Richmond High School
College: Did not attend
Education: High school dropout
Parent(s): N/A
Sibling(s): N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Black
Relationship: N/A
Spouse(s): N/A
Girlfriend(s): N/A
Tattoos: N/A
Profession: Criminal, drug dealer, murderer
Active Years: 1980s- 1990s
Net Worth: $1 million


Alpo Martinez has an estimated net worth of about $1 million from his trading and selling of hard drugs to people and drug dealers from different countries.

Alpo Martinez is a major player in the streets of Harlem and has been involved in illegal drug trafficking since he was young. He has been involved in the game of drug dealing and other illegal activities from an early age.

His early struggles made him do whatever it takes to earn a living and support his family. Selling drugs was the only option for him to survive in the streets of Harlem. He started off selling marijuana and gradually moved to harder drugs like cocaine, crack cocaine, heroine and other hard substance.

From small time drug dealer in New York City, Alpo Martinez went on to become a major supplier of drugs on the East coast with connections most of major cities in America including Los Angeles, Florida, Wisconsin etc.

At some point of time, Alpo Martinez was in one of the most dangerous city in America, but he never gave up his hustle and continued to do illegal activities without knowing the consequences and consequences that he would face.

His downfall began after he crossed some people over and had an argument with a former person that he believed betrayed him during an operation. The plan was to kill Alpo Martinez after which they would be free from the hood.

Alpo Martinez sitting on a red bike

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