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‘The Expanse’: Naomi’s Family Troubles Have Her (Literally) Hurtling Through Space (RECAP)

[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The Expanse Season 5, Episode 7, “Oyedung.”]

It seems like the entire of Naomi’s (Dominique Tipper) storyline on Season 5 of The Expanse — her anguish about Filip (Jasai Chase Owens), her rage towards Marco (Keon Alexander), and her frayed connections with the remainder of her Belter mates — was constructing towards “Oyedung.”

The Reality Comes Out

Whereas not as intense or thought-provoking because the earlier entries, “Oyedung” lays the groundwork for what’s nearly assured to be a wide ranging remaining stretch of episodes.

Naomi’s struggling aboard Marco’s ship continues. Caught in isolation, her solely customer is her ex-lover, who desires to know why she opted to come back again to Filip. She argues that he’s doing “the identical factor to Filip that he did to [her],” however Marco reminds her she doesn’t know Filip: he does. They argue, and Naomi makes level: Marco hasn’t killed her as a result of he feels threatened. Marco takes her out of isolation, however not with no risk: “Filip will know you for who you actually are.”


Naomi goes to Filip’s quarters and at last will get to inform her aspect of the story: Marco manipulated her and the way shattered she felt within the aftermath. “I spotted I used to be nothing to your father,” she says, “simply one other piece of him.” Filip breaks down in tears and permits his mom to carry him. He asks why she left, and she or he tells him Marco hid him from her and even after months of looking out, she couldn’t discover him. She got here near committing suicide by way of airlock, however she stopped herself, having realized her demise wouldn’t change something for her son.

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The Reality Comes Out, But Once more

That dialog impacts Naomi’s storyline for the remainder of the episode, as does her later chat with Cyn (Brent Sexton). It’s revealed that he noticed her stroll into the airlock, and tried to seek out her the subsequent day, however she’d left. “If I’d recognized it could have come to that,” he mentioned, “I might’ve helped you.” Seems, Cyn knew the place Filip was the entire time: He helped Marco cover him. Feeling guilt for his misdeeds, he agrees to assist her now.

Cyn tries to persuade Marco to let Naomi go, which, as one would possibly guess, doesn’t go nicely. In reality, it simply might need impressed Marco’s newest horrible plot. As he tells Naomi, he’s agreed to let her go — he’s going to permit use her ship to lure the Rocinante and destroy it. All appears misplaced; Filip doesn’t arise for her, and neither does Cyn. As Naomi’s led away, she screams at Marco that she hates him.

Sudden Reunions

Aboard the Roci, Holden (Steven Strait) and crew proceed trying to find the protomolecule aboard the Zimeya. He and Bull (Jose Zuniga) have a chat in regards to the late, nice Fred Johnson (Chad L. Coleman), however their dialog is interrupted by a transmission from Alex (Cas Anvar). There’s not a lot of a transmission delay, which alerts Holden to the truth that they’re shut (and positively not on Mars). “What the hell are they doing out right here?” he wonders.

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In the meantime, “on the market,” Bobbi (Frankie Adams) and Alex make contact with Avasarala (Shoreh Agdashloo), and ship over the ship profiles. She thanks them for the information and says they’re searching the ships as they communicate. They then get the profiles despatched to Holden. Nonetheless devoted to the protomolecule mission, he duties Alex and Bobbie with monitoring Naomi down.

Holden and his crew find the Zimeya, and a harrowing chase ensues. However on the final second, Holden adjustments the plan; they’re to board the ship, and “take care of” the protomolecule after they’ve checked the ship’s logs for any information about Naomi. In the end, they don’t even get the prospect — the ship self-destructs.

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A Closing, Determined Plan

Because it seems, Naomi’s not out of concepts. Because the episode ends, she hatches a remaining, determined plan — to exit the airlock, once more, sans go well with. “Don’t do that, Naomi, please,” Cyn begs her

“You shouldn’t have adopted me,” she says, revealing a syringe in her hand. The airlock opens, Cyn dies, and Naomi is solid out into the void of house, hurtling towards her ship. As Filip watches in horror, she makes the journey… and she or he (simply barely) makes it to her vacation spot.

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