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As fiberglass sliding patio doors are becoming more popular, it can be difficult to know which door to choose. In order to make sure you’re getting the best possible product, it’s important to understand what makes these doors so great and how you can use them in your home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing patio doors, fiberglass sliding patio doors are the way to go, with their sleek and stylish appearance and excellent insulation properties that reduce energy costs and allow you to save money on your utility bills month after month.

Here are 5 examples of the best fiberglass sliding patio doors, with details about each so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

 Dream Door by Dreamline


The DreamLine Dream Door is one of the top-selling shower doors and fiberglass doors because it’s functional, affordable, and easy to install. It provides full-length coverage in a slim, unobtrusive frame.

 And while it’s great in any bathroom, it really shines when installed over a standard tub with no shower enclosure. The tempered glass panel is resistant to staining and mold growth as well as shattering into sharp fragments if broken. Best of all, it slides open effortlessly at any time, day or night making it perfect for both kids and adults who want to hop out quickly after taking a bath or a long soak in the tub.

The DreamLine Sliding Shower Door is available in five different finishes:

  • clear
  • white on clear
  • chrome on clear
  • brushed nickel on clear
  • brushed bronze on clear.

In addition to these color options, you can also add designer accents such as sleek aluminum frames or striking mirrored panels that reflect light beautifully throughout your bathroom.

In terms of installation, you can use double-sided tape to mount it directly onto a tile wall surface or use special screws that come with every door. The DreamLine Dream Door is available in three different sizes:

  • 36 x 72
  • 48 x 72
  • 60 x 72

You should also note that all DreamLine shower doors are designed for frameless installations only. If you have an older model tub/shower enclosure with built-in frames, check out our review of DreamLine’s framed shower doors instead. We hope these examples help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a new shower door.

Smooth Glide Door by Anderson


This door from Anderson is a great example of a product that doesn’t sacrifice style. It’s a product that functions well and is still attractive to look at. The Smooth Glide door comes in three different colors, providing more than enough options to find one that will match perfectly with whatever else you have going on inside your home.

Although It may be slightly more expensive than some other products, we think it’s worth every penny if you want something that looks nice but also performs like an absolute champ. Plus, it comes with a 15-year warranty, so there’s no risk involved when you make such an investment.

Ultimate Patio Door by Alside

Patio doors are becoming more popular, as they save space and allow sunlight in during cooler months. Alside’s Ultimate Patio Door is a new and exciting product that combines both safety and beautiful style.

The Ultimate Patio Door comes in one or two pieces to accessibility while providing security. As well as a Patio door with French doors which is an elegant and comfortable alternative to a standard patio door. French doors provide extra light and an expansive feel, allowing you to create a more spacious indoor living area.

This is beneficial if you have limited space or wish to create an indoor-outdoor feel. The option of a French patio door also provides better security as it’s impossible for passersby to peer through them from outside.

In general, adding French doors increases home value by $5-$7 per square foot or approximately $3,000-$4,500 for a typical four-by-eight-foot patio door installation. There are many other styles of patio doors available in addition to French, including sliding glass and swinging sliders. For example, sliding glass doors give homeowners access to a screened porch without sacrificing interior space. 

Clear Glide Ultraview by Pella

The Clear Glide Ultraview by Pella has a dual-panel design. This means that both panes are made from tempered glass, which results in excellent clarity. While most sliding patio doors have just one pane, using glass from two panes results in greater durability and allow light to pass through easily.

 Another great feature of these doors is their small sill height. This makes them easy to open and helps maintain an airy feel inside your home. Plus, they’re almost maintenance-free as they don’t require caulk or other gaskets when installed correctly. It’s hard to find a better door than these if you want both form and function when it comes to your door.

Heat Transfer Sunscreen Door by Jeld-Wen

The Heat Transfer Sunscreen Door by Jeld-Wen allows you to have a beautiful door that will keep your home cooler. The new patent-pending heat transfer technology built into the door reduces heat transfer through your exterior door, keeping temperatures in your home more comfortable.

 This is accomplished with a special coating on an interior layer of glass which works like sunscreen on your skin. This coating reflects heat back into your home instead of letting it pass through and out through an exterior door. There are many benefits to having a Heat Transfer Sunscreen Door by Jeld-Wen including:

  •  It adds comfort
  • reduced energy costs
  •  increased property value.



 Homeowners want something that looks great and fits their style when choosing a patio door. If you’re looking for something different than traditional wood or aluminum, consider one of these five examples of great fiberglass sliding patio doors as options for your home. Each option offers a number of features that make them stand out from other patio doors. You can choose from 6 colors, 3 frame finishes, and 2 handle styles giving you plenty of choices when designing your dream home or renovating an existing space.

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