How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven


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What is an outdoor fireplace? Do you know how to build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven? If this are question you have no answers to, then you need not to worry anymore because this article will be discussing on all you need to know about hot to build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

water running down two ceramic pots from an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven

There are few home features as gratifying as an outdoor fireplace. A quaint, rustic gathering spot for friends and family to gather around a crackling fire – it’s a true luxury in our overstimulated world.

But what if you wanted something more than just warmth from your fire? What if you wanted to make some homemade pizzas without the fuss and mess of actually using your oven? Look no further, because we have the answer: an outdoor pizza oven. It’s easy to build, quick to use (no fuel needed!), and will add years of enjoyment to your backyard experience.

You can build your own pizza oven right in your backyard; a perfect complement to any outdoor fireplace. It only takes three major components: a large firebox, an insulated roof, and durable bricks.

Firebrick is the best material for building a pizza oven since it will absorb lots of heat and radiate it out over an extended period of time.

What Does An Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven Mean?

An outdoor fireplace is a relatively simple and low-cost tool that can be used to keep warm in the winter and provide an intimate atmosphere for your friends and family.

There are three essential features of an outdoor fireplace: a firebox, an insulated roof, and fire bricks.

Firebrick is going to be the key component you need in your pizza oven; it will provide all the necessary heat for cooking pizzas.

Pizzas cooked on a brick oven are baked with unparalleled crunch, texture, and flavor. You don’t have to buy any additional materials or tools to build this type of pizza oven; all you will need is some firebrick and some mortar.

What Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven?
This type of pizza oven is a fired brick oven designed to cook pizzas, breads, and other foods using wood or charcoal. It is also a simple-to-build option but requires a lot of work and energy including using durable materials to build your outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

Pizza ovens are usually installed in the open air; since they are built without insulation, they heat up much faster. The outdoor fireplaces also require maintenance and would last longer as long as you clean them regularly.

Please note that fire bricks are not the same as regular bricks. Regular bricks contain a moisture-absorbing substance that can cause the oven to explode and turn into a raging inferno of flames.

Firebrick is comprised of fire clay and has a high-temperature resistance, making it great for cooking pizzas at high temperatures. Firebrick is also resistant to thermal shock, which means your pizza oven will last a long time.

You can purchase firebrick at a local hardware store or through an online retailer. If you must look for brick somewhere else, try to find firebrick as close as possible to where you are building your oven so that you can save money on shipping.

Remember these features when searching for brick: Make sure the brick is not old or damaged; good quality brick will be free of cracks and chips and won’t be discolored. Brick that is brick red in color will also be best as it is a stronger brick and will be easier to clean.

Before we go to our next topic which is how to build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven, let’s take a look at what makes an outdoor fireplace unique.

What Makes an Outdoor Fireplace Unique?

There are basically two types of outdoor fireplaces going around today: the traditional fireplace surrounded by rocks that you can build in your backyard; and the electric commercial-grade style that you will find at home centers or department stores.

flower vases kept beside an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven
The Hollenbeck Family Wood-Fired Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven in Michigan (PRNewsfoto/BrickWood Ovens)

The traditional style of fireplace has been around for two centuries. It is simple to build, especially with firebrick as the main component. The electric commercial-grade style of fireplace requires less work but is also more expensive.

There are a few unique features that set an outdoor fireplace apart from a regular indoor fireplace. One of its most important features is its open air design, which is perhaps its most attractive quality.

Many of us have a fear of fire because we associate it with destruction and death. Fear no more.

When you build an outdoor fireplace, you are opening yourself up to the joys of lighting wood in the middle of your backyard, watching the flames dance, and feeling the warmth on your face. This is why you build an outdoor fireplace; for the thrill of it all.

Another unique feature that sets out outdoor fireplace apart from its indoor counterpart is its compact size. However, if you have the space and the money, you can build yourself a large outdoor fireplace.

Also, what makes an outdoor fireplace unique is that it can be used to cook, especially because you can use wood or charcoal to cook food.

It’s also an excellent way for you to get the hang of building skills and outdoor activities; you will have a blast cooking delicious pizzas on top of your outdoor fireplace at a time in your life when it’s all about relaxation and fun.

Moving on to the next topic, let’s go into the step by step processes on how to build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven.

How To Build An Outdoor Fireplace With Pizza Oven

If you are looking for instructions on how to build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven, then you can follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 – Clear The Site:

You need an open space in your backyard where you can build your outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. Make sure the space is level and faces the direction of the sun so that it gets the most sunlight possible.

STEP 2 – Prepare The Firebrick:

You need to purchase fire clay from a brick supplier and have it delivered to your home. Start by digging out some holes in the ground for the hearth and foundation so that you can start building the outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. Once you’re done preparing the firebrick, start putting together the bricks.

STEP 3 – Assemble The Roof:

Make sure that all of your different materials are delivered to your backyard at one time. Also, make sure you have enough mortar to build the roof because this will be your major component which will keep your pizza oven in place. Measure the bricks and add some more just so they fit together perfectly.

STEP 4 – Assemble The Room:

If you’re planning on making an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven a permanent fixture in your backyard, it is recommended that you build a foundation so that the structure will be stable. You can also add some bricks around the perimeter of your room to create a border for your pizza oven.

STEP 5 – Build The Walls:

Once you build the roof, you can then begin building the walls. Make sure you have enough mortar to do this step successfully; if not, then you might want to go ahead and get some more because it is done as soon as it commences.

STEP 6 – Build The Floor:

Once you get deeper into the process of building your outdoor fireplace with pizza oven, this is when you start to realize just how much hard work it actually is. One of the final steps in building your outdoor fireplace is to build the floor. If your space is not level, you can use cinderblocks and mortar to fill in the gaps so that the floor will be level and stronger.

STEP 7 – Test-Burn:

After about a week or so, it should be safe for you to start burning wood as part of a test-burn process to see how everything will work when it’s eventually used for cooking.


You will get what you pay for when you decide to build an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven. If you buy a cheaper model, your outdoor fireplace will last for a few years; if you buy a high quality model, your outdoor fireplace will last for several decades.

Building an outdoor fireplace is not easy; it is a large project that requires you to use your hands as well as all of your strength in order to pull it off. However, all the hard work is worth it if only because of how impressive it can be when you spend time relaxing with friends and family out in the middle of your backyard under the warm glow of an outdoor fireplace.

Make sure you keep your fire place well-maintained, and you will enjoy many years of relaxing the way you deserve to.

The outdoor fireplace that you can build yourself has a huge potential to become a perfect partner to your home. It not only provides a beautiful structure but also optimizes your already existing home’s or backyard’s landscape design.

Its modern design adds style and sophistication to the area around it and creates an environment that is both comfortable and relaxing at the same time.

a man baking pizza from an outdoor fireplace with pizza oven

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