How To Build Wooden Classroom Mailboxes


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Do you know how to build wooden classroom mailboxes? No more classroom jobs! But how to ensure that each student gets their homework? Mailboxes for everyone!

wooden mailboxes made with different colors

Anyone can walk into any room, drop off their assignment and pick up the mail from other students. This one simple solution could save countless hours of discussion over who dropped off what job, and provide valuable life skills in addition to knowledge.

Wooden mailboxes are durable and inexpensive, can be easily mounted on walls or desks, have ample storage space for small items such as binders or books, and best of all they will last a lifetime!

We want to show you how to build a wooden classroom mailbox. A great project for kids, this style of mailbox is perfect for storing messages from parents and peers when you can’t retrieve your phone or respond right away! It makes a wonderful gift for teachers, too.

We’re going to break down all the steps needed on how to build wooden classroom mailboxes and provide illustrations so you can make one of your own.

What Do You Understand By Wooden Classroom Mailboxes?

A medium-sized wooden mailbox is a perfect solution for students and teachers, whether you are in elementary school or high school. These mailboxes are made from pine and oak, which are both easily available at any lumber yard.

Not only will the mailboxes be durable and strong, but they will also provide everything needed for a traditional classroom with desk space, bulletin board hooks and ample storage space for supplies such as pencils or binders.

The sturdy wood allows you to arrange two or more of these mail boxes side-by-side, vertically or horizontally. They can be mounted on the walls or desks of classrooms, art rooms and science labs. You can even hang them around a conference room or add them to the walls in your business office.

These classroom mailboxes are lightweight and easy to store when not in use and can be moved from one location to another with ease.

Another great feature is that no matter if you have one student or several students for each mailbox, they will always be able to send out their homework prior to class time. Students will also not have to worry about dropped assignments as they will all be delivered at once, avoiding any last minute work.

With a wide range of sizes and color options, you can also choose a wooden mailbox that matches your school colors. Breaking down the project in steps and showing you how to build a wooden classroom mailboxes, this article will provide you with everything needed to create one of your own.

What Are The Benefits?

In addition to holding up your binder or book, these little boxes also have plenty of storage space for pencils and pens as well as other miscellaneous supplies. You can store spare notes or even a few small toys that could be helpful for the children in the class.

Besides being used as a mailbox, these wooden class mailboxes are great for using in art rooms, science labs and classrooms as bulletin boards. They have a number of different mounting options, which allows you to place them on desks or walls, along with hooks for hanging up your student art or important notes.

This style of classroom mailboxes are perfect for holding generic forms, such as short-term calendars, hangman games and even small gift cards. They can also be used as an awards or prize box.

These wooden classroom mailboxes are an excellent option for schools and nurseries looking to provide learning materials for children.

This is a convenience to any teacher or parent of students.

Students no longer have to worry about forgetting their homework or assignments before class time. So you can use them as a convenient drop box for your students, especially in the event that you are out of school or unable to respond to notes immediately.

These mailboxes provide a great organizational solution when managing student assignments and projects.

students names written on wooden classroom mailboxes

Prices of wooden classroom mailboxes vary depending on the size and wood type used, but in all cases they are economical. They can be built quickly and easily with minimal tools and at a very low cost.

A wooden classroom mailbox can be themed to match your classroom or school colors, so if you are looking for a way to incorporate more school spirit into your classroom, these mailboxes are the ideal choice.

These wooden classroom mailboxes are an excellent solution for any teacher or parent of students who wants to keep up with all the correspondence his kids get at school without having to constantly check their phones.

Each student will be able to drop off their work and pick up the mail with ease. Students can also keep track of their grades as they will be placed into the correct mailbox in order.

These wooden classroom mailboxes can eliminate lost assignments and even provide a safe place for students to store homework materials that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Students can utilize these mailboxes as a way to communicate with others, especially when parents and guardians are absent for various reasons. Parents will now have the peace of mind of knowing that their children have all their assignments delivered before class time.

Moving forward, let’s go into the step-by-step procedures on how to build wooden classroom mailboxes.

How To Build Wooden Classroom Mailboxes

Here, we will be discussing on the step-by-step procedures on how to build wooden classroom mailboxes. These steps includes:

1. Preparing Your Wood

The first step is to select the wooden mailboxes that you want to build. Go through the project and select your preferred size, color and style. These can be picked from a number of conventional designs, but if you are looking for something unique, you can always create your own design.

You have to select the right pine or oak wood for your classroom mailboxes. You can get this at any lumber yard or home improvement store.

2. Cutting The Wood

After getting your wood, the next step is to measure and cut it. Measure the height and width of your mailboxes with a tape measure and cut to size with a saw. Also, your mailboxes should all be uniform in height or width so that they can be placed side-by-side with ease.

You also need to cut off a small piece of wood for creating nestled compartments.

Then sand the cut pieces to eliminate any bumps or rough edges. This can be done with sandpaper and would be ideal if you want the surface to be smooth before painting. Just remember to sand slowly and use light pressure to avoid getting any splinters.

3. Making Compartments

Draw a line down the center of each of your pieces. This will serve as a guide when making your compartments. Then you can measure and mark out the spaces you want for the compartments.

The size of your compartments depends on the size of the boxes, so choose this based on individual preference. You can also make them larger if you want more space for storing items.

On the top and bottom of each compartment, you need to cut small squares that are about  1/2-inch in length. This will serve as a guide when placing the compartments correctly into your mailboxes. This is best if you want a uniform look when putting it together.

4. Assembling Your Wooden Classroom Mailboxes

Using small screws and glue, you can now assemble your mailboxes together by first putting down the front compartments on the exterior of the frame pieces before screwing them in place with small screws (like those used for stapling).

Then, place the back compartment on top of the frame piece and use it to hold down the front pieces while you glue them together. Just make sure that you have placed all your boxes correctly before doing this.

After that, you can then glue the small squares on top of each compartment so they will stay in place. For extra durability, consider adding more screws across your mailboxes as well.

5. Finishing Touches And Painting Your Wooden Classroom Mailboxes

After assembling your boxes, you can fill each of them with some items and play around before painting it to give it that old-world charm. For better results, choose a paint color that will match your classroom motif or project theme.

If you want to make your mailboxes look more authentic, you can also coat it with a matte finish, varnish or stain. This will also make the boxes stronger and more resistant against water and sunlight.

Wooden mailboxes are an excellent option for teachers and students alike. They provide a safe place to store all the student work, project materials and anything else that you can fit inside the boxes for easy retrieval at any time.

Teachers can feel confident in knowing that they will have everything they need to keep the classroom running smoothly. So, with all these benefits and more, it is no wonder why teachers have been installing wooden classroom mailboxes in their classrooms for years!

If you or your child is looking for a way to maintain efficiency and order in their classroom, then getting multiple wooden mailboxes would be an excellent idea.

There are many ways to do this and it all depends on personal preference. Teachers can build more than one mailbox for each class or make them for different purposes–such as one box for a student to share with his peers or even an individual mailbox for a special project.


Wooden classroom mailboxes are a practical way to improve efficiency and organization in the classroom. Teachers can use these mailboxes to sort student papers into class categories, such as First Grade and Second Grade.

They can also be used for different purposes such as one for a student to share with his peers or even an individual mailbox for a special project.

The best part is that wooden classroom mailboxes are easy and affordable to construct, making them an excellent choice when looking to maintain order while you teach.

Classroom mailboxes are an excellent way to maintain order in the classroom. It keeps everything organized, and in case of an emergency, all materials needed for each student’s classwork can be easily accessed by just looking in their mailbox. This is ideal for any teacher and student alike.

wooden classroom mailboxes used for storing books an binders

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