How to clean gutters over pool cage. 11 unique ways.


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Apart from the quality protection pool cages provide against debris and insects, it gives a swimming pool this extraordinary look. But the downside to it is cleaning a pool cage, especially its gutters are tough and require time, equipment, a little tolerance, and in some cases skill.

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11 Unique Ways to Clean Pool Cages

Definitely, you are in need of cleaning the gutters over your pool cage, and I am going to help you achieve this. The importance of cleaning these gutters can never be overemphasized. Most swimming pool cages are attached to the main building hence when the gutters are clogged and filled to the brim, debris finds its way into your home, turning your home into a total mess. And para venture your gutters have leakages or holes, debris will enter your swimming pool through these holes and make it dirty. A dirty swimming pool is useless since no one would like to swim in a dirty pool and this brings us to 11 Unique ways to clean the gutters over your pool cage.

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1)Go fetch an assistant:

Cleaning these gutters is not a one-man job because you will be needing a lot of assistance when it comes to things like holding the ladder to avoid falls and helping you get some tools.

2)Grab a Ladder:

I really do believe that no one is tall enough to reach the gutters over a pool cage. Thus, you need a ladder to aid you to reach your designated height.

3)Gutter Scoops:

Gutter Scoops are a good alternative in the absence of a ladder. Gutter Scoops are handheld so you can stay on the ground and clean the gutters. But of course, you will have to purchase a very long handheld Gutter Scoop. People prefer a Gutter Scoop to a ladder due to the fear of procuring injuries from a fall. But a ladder still remains the best. You will comfortably see and clean the gutters and nothing will happen to you as far as your assistant does his or her job. And also gutter scoops may not be suitable for a very high pool cage and might not work well for shorter people.

4) Protect yourself:

In this context, you need to protect yourself against debris that may fall into your eyes, nose, or virtually anywhere something can enter. A face mask, a pair of good sneakers, and a hat but I will recommend a helmet if you have one and eyewear like your glasses can protect you from the rubbishes.

5) Cleaning tools:

Your hands can serve the purpose of cleaning the gutters. If you don’t want to use your hands or your hands won’t be able to reach certain areas, then a trowel or a sweeping brush will do. Debris found on these gutters mostly consists of leaves so if you want your cleaning to go smoothly and easily, just go buy a leave blower. This will do the cleaning fast and easily.

6) Check your leakages:

It is very important to check for any leaks during cleaning. Not checking for leakages will cause the introduction of foreign bodies into your pool after all your cleaning efforts. To check if there are leakages simply pour water inside the gutter. If the water finds a way into your pool, then it has leaks

7) Purchase a sealing product:

Should the situation arise that you have leakages or holes you need to purchase a sealing product such as water resistance or waterproof sealing tape

8)Use running water for a finishing touch:

Water is a cleansing tool and is used for cleaning almost everything. Use running water from pipes to cleanse any leftover dirt

9)Spray car wax after cleaning:

After cleaning the gutters over your pool cage, you need to allow the surface to dry properly before spraying car wax on it. Car wax is not necessary but is something I think you should do after cleaning the gutters. Car wax gives this polishing and shiny look to gutters and if you want to avoid corrosion then don’t miss spraying car wax after cleaning the gutters.

10) Gutter guards:

As the name implies it does the job of a guard, protecting the gutters. I love gutter guards so much because it is all I need to prevent all sorts of debris from clogging my gutters. It will drastically reduce how much you clean your gutters. It will also prevent insect infestation and avoids rust or corrosion. In fact, it prolongs the life of your gutters.

11) Hire a professional:

If you are not experienced in cleaning gutters over a pool cage, then you are going to find it hard to do so because of the height of the pool cage and the nature of the gutter. It is best to leave the job for an expert who has the skill and experience. A professional has all the tools used for cleaning the gutters. A professional will identify any problem if any that you might not notice.

How frequently should I clean the gutters over my pool cage?

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The gutters over a pool cage can be cleaned once a month but generally, it depends on the size of your gutters. If you have bigger gutters over your swimming pool cage, it won’t get filled with debris quickly unlike a smaller one. These gutters vary in size and every size can do the job but it is advisable to install a big gutter because it will save you time and save you the stress of constantly cleaning and maintaining the gutters.

1-2 inch gutters should be cleaned every 2 months.3-4 inch gutters should be cleaned every 5 months.

However, many have experienced clogged gutters during periods of high rainfall. If this is the case, then you should clean your gutters after every heavy rainfall.


Pools are really essential for when the heat comes, however, their cleanliness is necessary as a dirty pool can and will cause harmful and contagious diseases. If possible, get a professional to have a look at your pool should you be unsure if you are cleaning it right.

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