Are Gutters Necessary in Texas? It’s not what you think.


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Rain gutter

Frequently, I come across people arguing about how necessary it is to install a gutter in a Texas home both on social media and in face-to-face conversations. Having visited Texas for some time in my life I do appreciate some things there such as the waterfalls, the intriguing caves, and my favorite, the Big Bend National Park located in the Chihuahua Desert. I love all these beautiful sites but what I didn’t like was the hot temperature which made me apply sunscreens and carry them everywhere. But I noticed something that caught my attention and that is many Texas homes don’t have a gutter. Well, I don’t blame them because I came to realize that Texas has low rainfall and it rarely snows in Texas hence the nonchalance to install it.

But is installing a gutter in a Texas home a complete waste of time and money? Before we decide let us properly understand what a gutter is and the sole purpose of gutter installation.

What is a gutter?

Rain gutter

Gutters also commonly known as rain gutters are a set of channels installed along roof edges to direct the flow of water away from a house; they come in various types and forms.

Why should a Texas home have a gutter?

rain gutter

Texas does experience rainfalls especially Piney Woods which is the Eastern region of Texas and even the driest part of Texas, Trans Pecos experiences rainfalls. Believe it or not, it is important to note that if rainwater even the smallest is not properly disposed of or drained it can cause damage to your home so here are some reasons why you need to install gutters in Texas.

1)It Protects the Foundation of your home:

Water is important and necessary in life but water has its negative effects. Accumulation of water caused by rainfall can damage the foundation of your home. The foundation of a home is the most important structure of every home because it is the strength of the house. During rainfalls, if there are no gutters, water will accumulate on the base of your home and weaken the foundation. With time the house itself will begin to deteriorate.

2) Protection of the roofing structure:

 You might not notice it at first but with time you might begin to notice a leaking roof. This is not because the roofing structure is not the best standard but due to the prolonged accumulation of rainwater. Rainwater if not disposed of will cause certain damage to your roof. It is best to make hay when the sun shines and install a gutter now or spend much money when your roof has been damaged.

3) It Protects the walls:

During heavy rainfall, the walls of our homes get stained by water. The aftermath of this is it will soak the walls, make it lose its physical beauty, and degrade the building in total.

4)It prevents the Growth of Molds and Mildews:

 I can’t really determine for you but if you are like me you would definitely hate the nasty looks of molds and mildews which can grow on your home when rainwater is allowed to pour down anywhere it wants. Molds and mildews are really irritating in sight and will reduce the beauty of your home.

5)It prolongs the longevity of your home:

This is the main reason I recommend gutters. Who doesn’t want their property to last long? Certainly, everyone and I bet you even Elon Musk. A gutter gives your house long life which will save you renovation and house maintenance expenses.

6)It Creates a Mosquito free environment:

Mosquitoes are seen mostly after rainfall, and they breed in stagnant water. When you don’t have a gutter and you allow rainfall to pour down freely it creates a circle of stagnant water on the base of your house especially if the ground of your house is bare soil, therefore, creating a good environment for mosquitoes to breed. This entails that a gutter-proof house is a mosquito-free house.

How much does it cost to install a gutter in Texas

The cost of installing a gutter range from $500-$3000 depending on the quantity and type you want to purchase. Gutters are sold per linear foot. A linear foot costs between $3-$7.

Types of Gutters

Now you have seen the need to install gutters in your home in Texas, I am going to show you several types of gutters so you can make the perfect choice for your home.

1)K-style Gutter:

This is the type of gutter mostly seen in homes. Its side view resembles the letter K and that is why it is named K-style Gutter. It has been used for more than 30 years and still remains the best choice because of its ability to carry more water than its counterparts. It adds more beauty to a roof than any other kind of gutter. In fact, if you are a flashy type of person then you should go for it. The only problem I have with K-style gutters is, that it is hard to clean but I guess it’s because I am lazy and hardworking fellows won’t see this as a problem.

2)Half rounded gutter:

 People who love being simple would love to install a half-rounded gutter. Although it is not as good at carrying water as the K-style gutter, it is an efficient gutter system. Half-rounded gutters were mostly used in the 1900s. The main disadvantage of having it as a gutter system is it gets clogged easily by debris.

3)Fascia Gutters:

Some roofs have fascias but if yours lacks fascia then I recommend you purchase a fascia gutter.

And for many of you who don’t know what a fascia is, a fascia is that wooden board that runs horizontally on the edge of your roof.

A fascia gutter will do the job of a fascia and a gutter altogether. The installment of fascia gutters can only be done by professionals and is costlier than the aforementioned.

These various gutters can come in form of different materials which are aluminum, vinyl, zinc, steel (galvanized), and copper. All of them are good and have their pros and cons but I rank zinc to be the best among them all. Notwithstanding the fact that zinc is expensive, I recommend it due to its durability and ability to resist corrosion and weathering.


rain gutter

Rain Gutters are not something you should compromise on, bear in mind that they serve so many practical functions and as such are integral for your home to be safe and serene. By the way, always remember to clean your gutters on a regular to avoid them from being clogged by debris and to enable them to serve you better.

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