Global Soil Testing Equipment Market Size by End-User Industry


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The GMI Research predicts that the Soil Testing Equipment Market perceives an increasing demand over the forecast period. This is because of the rigorous presence of leading market players, escalating investment to safeguard the environment, and extension in the agricultural sector.

Introduction of the Soil Testing Equipment Market

Soil testing equipment is a tool that offers the required information concerned with the soil material and rock used in the agriculture and construction sector. It helps in approximating the absorption of plant nutrients to discover fertilizer endorsement in the agriculture sector. The equipment ascertains soil fertility, examines nutritional inadequacy, and traces non-essential minerals that impede crop growth.

Key Players of Market:

  • Geotechnical Testing Equipment U.K. Ltd
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Perkinelmer Inc.
  • Controls S.P.A
  • Merck Group
  • Ele International
  • W. Cole
  • Lamotte Company
  • Martin Lishman Ltd
  • Sun Labtek Equipment (I) Pvt. Ltd
  • Gilson Company Inc.

Soil Testing Equipment Market Dynamics

The factors complementing the growth of the global soil testing equipment market include the growing endorsement of précised farm management practices, rapid industrialization across the agriculture sector, soaring population, accelerating urban population, and the amplifying demand for environmental testing of soil to escalate agriculture practices for high-speed and dependable results. In addition, swift augmentation in the infrastructure and construction industry will complement the market growth. Besides this, the acquisition of agriculture to evaluate the soil fertility, extricating, and promote the maneuver of nutrients is fuelling the market growth. Further, this equipment assists in alienating fields into zones by generating site-specific addressing input costs and raising crop yield for the farmers. Thus, all this together is stimulating the market share. However, the excessive duty on the test kits and growing usage of sophisticated testing methods over the sampling price may hinder the market growth.

End-Use Industry Segment Drivers

Based on the end-user industry, construction is predicted to capture the highest market share over the coming years. This is because of the rapid industrialization to enhance infrastructure in developing economies like India and China. In addition to this, the ongoing technological developments and aggravating consciousness related to the beneficial features of soil testing will impel market growth.

Type of Tests Segment Drivers

Based on the type of tests, the physical is expected to expand at a higher rate in the near future. This is because of the intensified urban development across India and China coupled with the rising consciousness among consumers concerned with the presence of chemical residues, such as pesticides and fertilizers in fresh fruits & vegetables.

Regional Coverage

According to the geographical coverage, North America is expected to bolster at a higher compound annual growth rate over the coming years. This is attributed to the amplifying endorsement of natural farming among the farmers and key players as well as the rising investment to safeguard the environment. Nevertheless, Asia-Pacific will dominate the market over the forecast period. This is because of the implementation of latest modern farming practices by the agricultural professionals primarily across China for sustainable enhancement in the agricultural product. Furthermore, growing rural to urban migration and enlargement of agriculture sector will complement the market growth.

Soil Testing Equipment Market Segmentation:

Segmentation by End-User Industry

·         Agriculture

·         Construction

·         Others

Segmentation by Type of Tests

·         Physical Tests

o   Shear strength equipment

o   Leachability equipment

o   Plasticity equipment

o   Permeability equipment

·         Residual Tests

o   GC-MS

o   ICP-MS

·         Chemical Tests

o   pH meters

o   Salinity testing equipment

o   Test kits & reagents

Segmentation by Degree of Automation

·         Manual

o   Sampling Kits

o   Sand Pouring Cylinder

o   Auger

o   Others

·         Automatic

o   Penetrometer

o   Permeability Apparatus

o   Compactor

o   Others

·         Semi-Automatic

o   California Bearing Ratio Apparatus

o   Direct Shear Apparatus

o   Plastic Limit Device

o   Others

Segmentation by Site

·         Laboratory

o   Consolidator

o   Direct Shear Apparatus

o   Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus

o   Others

·         On-Site

o   Penetration-Resistance Apparatus

o   Pressure Meter Apparatus

o   Plate-Bearing Apparatus

o   Others

Segmentation by Region:

·         Europe

o   United Kingdom

o   Germany

o   France

o   Spain

o   Rest of Europe

·         Asia Pacific

o   China

o   Japan

o   India

o   Rest of APAC

·         North America

o   United States of America

o   Canada

·         RoW

o   UAE

o   Brazil

o   South Africa

o   Saudi Arabia

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