How To Build A Mailbox Shield


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What is a mailbox? Do you know how to build a mailbox shield? Why are mailbox important? Are this question you have no answers to? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss all you need to know about how to build a mailbox shield and it’s importance.

a cement constructed mailbox shield

A mailbox shield shields your mailbox from the public and usually is made of a durable material like metal, wood and concrete can also be used.

Notice how the shield on your mailbox is surrounded by a metal fence? That’s so that no one can walk right up to it and read your mail. But if you don’t have that, then you should build a mailbox shield.

A mailbox shield is easy to build and will give you peace of mind knowing that no one who shouldn’t be looking at your personal mail will come near it. This is especially useful if you have children at home, as they can easily break through any mailbox guard.

Mailbox shields can be used to put up in front of your garage door or even around the back of your house. If you are placing it around the back of your house, make sure that you place it in a way that the weather and elements won’t be able to damage it.

What Is A Mailbox Shield?

A mailbox is a structure which is designed to receive, hold and deliver mail. A mail box differs from a post office which is a facility providing customer service to the general public, whereas a mailbox is usually found on the outside door of an individual dwelling or commercial building.

A mailbox shield is an object or structure attached to or surrounding a mailbox which isolates the mailbox from external hazards. It may also be described as an object commonly used around mailboxes to protect them from severe weather and vandalism.

Mailboxes are usually made of sheet metal and are designed to allow specific mail delivery without human interference. A mailbox may also be filled with mail and locked so that only particular parties can access it. Mailboxes are located on curb sides or in front of a building’s main entrance, but outside the building itself.

Always keep your mail inside a metal box or mail holder to avoid any burglary. A mailbox is not worth the time and effort of being robbed by someone who wants to get at your private information.

Regardless whether the mail box is protected, it is still best to keep it in a secure location that no one or no thing can access.

Most people prefer a letter box instead of a post box. A letter box is usually smaller, so you don’t have to carry as much of your mail with you when you come home from work and pick up the mail.

Many companies also offer products which fit right into your mailbox on your mailbox. This gives you a few extra benefits such as being able to let employees know what time their check will be arriving home so they will be expecting it, which gives them more time to get things done at work, etc.

A box that is perfect for the outside of your home is a personal mailbox. These can be made of several different materials including wood, plastic and stainless steel.

Having a personal mailbox on the outside of your home eliminates having to run down to the local post office just to get your mail. A personal mailbox gives you privacy as well as convenience in getting your mail without having to waste much time traveling from one place to another.

Whether it is a post box or letter box, it is still best protected by mailboxes shield around it so that no one can steal any mail and use it against you or others. Mailboxes protect everyone’s privacy, especially when they are mailed on an individual basis.

You can always use a metal mailbox shield to protect your own mail boxes from the public who don’t have permission to be seeing your private information.

This is especially useful if you have children at home. They may try to break through the metal fence and get at the mail inside a box. This can also happen when there is a lot of snow or rain and thaws without someone taking care of it, several people will walk by and see that you have stuff in your box for which they shouldn’t be looking at.

a mailbox shield made of metal

Mailbox shields are an easy thing to build and protects everyone’s privacy from being violated by criminals who shouldn’t be looking at your private information.

The best way to do this is to build a mailbox shield around your mailbox. This is usually made of metal and can be placed anywhere you feel comfortable with.

If you want, you can also place a fence around your entire house and then connect the two by placing a mailbox shield as an extension of the fence. This way, no one who shouldn’t be looking at your mail will try to access it and will cause damage to your mailbox or fence.

Before we move to the main topic which is how to build a mailbox shield, let’s take a look at the importance of a mailbox shield.

Why Are Mailbox Shield Important?

Everyone needs a mailbox to get their mail. No matter if you’re out at work, retail store, school, etc. you need a mailbox to pick up the mail that is delivered to you when you are not home.

The only time a mailbox is not needed is if you have no mail or if you are at home receiving your mail. Even when this happens, it’s always better to have one regardless of where or who tries to access your personal information.

Mailboxes protect everyone’s privacy and also doubles as a long-lasting tool which will be in use for years of service. Mailboxes alone don’t protect everyone though, so it is best that everyone has something around their mailbox that does the job for them.

Therefore, a mailbox shield is the ideal solution for this problem. It will not only protect your household from any intruder who is looking for access to your private information but will also keep your mailbox safe from severe weather elements and vandals.

All you have to do is place your mailbox shield around your mailbox and there you have it, a mailbox shield that gives you the protection you need while still allowing access to your mail. Once again, it should be noted that this is only a very effective way of protecting your mail without giving up privacy.

Make sure that you pick the right size for your mailbox, as it is impossible to find a mailbox shield which is too small or too large.

Moving on to the next topic, let’s discuss on how to build a mailbox shield.

How To Build A Mailbox Shield

Here are the step by step procedures to follow on how to build a mailbox shield. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: First, you will need to gather all the information you need on your mailbox. This includes the size of the mailbox and the size of its entryway, where you will be placing the shield. After that, measure it to make sure that it is exactly half of its length so that your mailbox shield fits perfectly around it without taking up too much space.

Step 2: Next, you build a large wooden box which will serve as a base for your mailbox shield. Cover this box with metal sheeting on both sides and attach it to the wooden base using nails or screws (if you wish). This is the most important step because this is what makes one’s mailbox more secure and protected from any weather elements or vandals.

Step 3: Now, measure the interior and exterior dimensions of your mailbox as well as the length and width of its entryway. From here we will build a frame which will hold your mailbox shield in place and keep it from moving about when you walk past it.

Step 4: The next step entitled “Making Mailbox Shield” is to assemble smaller objects like pieces of wood, straw or plastic sheeting together and attach them together using screws or nails.

If you don’t have the right material, you can buy a mail box cover which is made specifically to fit around one’s mailbox without taking up too much space while still protecting your privacy by having a mail slot cut out on top of it. You can also attach a mailbox shield cover that is made for one’s mailbox by simply putting it around it, this way.

Once all the pieces are assembled, you will have your mailbox shield made.

Step 5: After assembling your mailbox shield that you created in step 4, you need to paint your mailbox blast with a spray paint of the same color so that everything blends together nicely, whether it is wood or metal sheeting.

You may use a bright or dark color to get the effect you want on the normal mail slot of your mail box. You can also use any two colors of your choice to make it look better and blend into the surroundings better if that’s what you desire.

Once again, mailboxes are not only for mail. They protect our privacy from intruders and other people who will try to steal our mail so that we can’t get it when we are needing it most.

When you’re out at work or school, make sure that you have a mailbox somewhere so that you will always be able to pick up your mail even when life gets in the way of something else related to your personal information. Mailboxes are an important tool that no one should be without.

Several mailboxes are made in various parts of the world, but they’re all designed with one purpose in mind: keeping mail safe. They could be anything from a post box to a letter box or even a safety deposit box which is designed to give your mail a permanent home.


Now you know how to build a mailbox shield and why it is important. With this, you will find yourself being more prepared for any weather elements or vandals that might come your way.

You’re even ready for your mailman to come around and deliver the mail you are expecting. So make sure that you remember these important steps on how to build a mailbox shield so that your mail is always ready when needed.

It’s important to protect your privacy at all times. Using a mailbox shield is the best way to do this. Protecting your privacy is a lot more than just locking up your mail. It’s about keeping private information secure.

If you’re looking to protect your information, you can use an alternative method that doesn’t involve needing a mailbox shield.

Mailboxes are just one of the many ways to keep your information safe, though. You could also use an encrypted hard drive or safety-deposit box to prevent anyone from accessing it by using key code access.

a mailbox shield made of plastic on a snow surface

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