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artificial grass

Artificial grass gives so much life to a place. It lights ups a home, event centers, and virtually anywhere it is used. If you are among the many people who want to install artificial grass on their concrete walls, I am here to help.


Before we start the business of artificial grass installation, we should get acquainted with the materials that will aid our work. These materials include:

1) Brush

2) Nail

3) Adhesive Tape or glue

4) Knife

5) Pen or pencil

6) Paper

7) Ladder

8) Measuring Tape

9) Rope

10) Safety Glasses

11) Gloves


The step to successfully installing artificial grass on a concrete wall are:

artificial grass

Make sure the wall is clean and dry:

This is a step that ensures your success in installing this artificial grass. You must clean the walls of any form of dirt and ensure it is dry. Wet walls make the grass difficult to stick to the wall. Dirty walls would give you rough work due to some parts of the artificial grass won’t stick to the wall. Use a bristle-brush to wipe off dirt and a knife to scrape off peeling paints.

 Create a Blueprint:

 Certainly, if you don’t plan, you unknowingly plan to fail. Before you install artificial grass on the wall, it is important to sketch how you want the grass to fit onto the wall. You can draft this in your mind or draw it with a pen and paper.

Get a Ladder:

 Walls are taller than a very tall person, so certainly everyone needs a ladder to aid them in their work.


 You need to measure to know the amount of grass that will fit in. Use a measuring tape or rope to measure the length and height and chalk or marker to mark points. Use a pen and paper to write down your calculations.

Gather your working tools:

After measurements, the next step is to shop online or offline (in person) for the artificial grass of your choice. Also purchase tools like scissors, knives, adhesives, safety glasses, etc.

Cut the grass:

 After purchasing the grass of your choice, cut it according to your measurements. Remember to use chalk to draw a line on the area you will cut through. A knife is best for thickly layered grasses while scissors can go with light layered grasses.

Install the artificial grass:

If your artificial grass has backed, peel off the back of the artificial grass and stick it to the wall. If you are using adhesives, ensure you use a thick plastic glove to protect your hands. Do not stretch the artificial grass much so it won’t lose its elasticity.

You should take note that you can use a nail or staple gun to hold the grass to the wall. It must not be adhesive tape or glue.

Decorate it to your taste

 You can paint it a touch of some other color than green to spice it up a bit and even use murals.


Steps to clean artificial grasses include:

1) Clean Debris with a leaf blower. Leaf blowers remove large debris on the grass.

2) In the absence of a leave blower, you can use a soft bristle brush or a rake

3) Use a garden hose to remove dust and small particles a leaf blower may not remove. Ensure you reduce the outflow of water from the hose to the lowest because much flow of water from the hose to the grass can damage the grass. After washing it thoroughly, dry with a blow dryer.

4) Clean Stains with detergent: Dissolve your detergent in water, then use a soft sponge to brush the stained area. Do not use bleach for this. It can damage your grass.

5) In a case where sticky substances like chewing gum are stuck to the grass, gently use a knife to cut out those parts

6) Remove solid debris or tough stains with spirit. Be extremely careful when applying spirit to the grass because if it touches the floor of the grass it can cause damages like a change of color. It can be corrected by coloring the damaged grass green. Protect yourself with a respirator or face mask due to the corrosive nature of spirits. Mineral spirit is the best for this.

7) Always ensure you use an equal amount of vinegar and water and spray it over the grass. You can use a big spray bottle, but you should use a hose that has a sprayer.

8) Ensure you clean your artificial grass once a week. The longer stains, dirt, and debris stay on the grass, the more difficult to remove them. Removing stains as fast as they occur will avoid serious damages that can occur to the grass.

9) Always be careful how you treat your grass so its life could be prolonged.


Synthetic grass is very good, but just like every synthetic material, it has flaws that natural grasses don’t have. And one of these flaws is a bad odor. To prevent or stop odor, after washing the grass with water and good detergent, always blow dry. Blow drying will dry out the grass and avoid odor that will emanate from wetness. Install an air freshener on the walls to give them a good scent.

Use ultra-violet light to kill bacteria. You can use vinegar and water if you don’t have ultra-violet light.


artificial grass

Good maintenance and proper installation with low-quality artificial grass will end up not meeting your standards. Purchasing high-quality artificial grass plays an important role in the durability of your grass. Some top-notched artificial grasses you can buy are; lift 7ft x13ft realistic deluxe artificial grass, ottomanson evergreen collection, sunvilla realistic, roundlove artificial turf lawn fake grass, juvale synthetic grass.

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