Information Marketing in Nigeria: How to make money selling ebooks in Nigeria


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If you’re a beginner with information marketing in Nigeria, you’re gonna love this post.


Because you’re a few moments away from learning about one of the quick and lucrative ways to make money online in Nigeria either on the internet or off the internet.

 In this simple, easy-to-digest guide, you’ll learn:

  •   The basics of information marketing
  • Why you should learn information marketing in detail.
  • How to start information marketing of creating ebooks in Nigeria:
  • How to sell your ebooks
  • Tools you can use to sell your ebook
  • And more


When we’re done, you’ll have all the info you need to become an expert in selling ebooks in Nigeria and making cool money. 


Want to make some money on the side without doing much? 

I got you covered

Let’s dive in.

Let’s start with the basic definition.

What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing means selling information. Business blogs like AtlanticRide publish very good articles on information marketing that you can check out some other time.

In information marketing, you’re providing useful information to Information seekers with the aim of helping them solve their problems and making money in return. The Information can be in the form of books, videos, and audio recordings but we are simply going to focus on ebooks in this post.

To make money selling ebooks in Nigeria is not far-fetched, and it’s the same for any other profitable online business in Nigeria. Believe me, you can’t afford to skip that post.


So what does Information marketing means generally involve? Basically, it involves gathering enough data, facts, and knowledge that provides a solution to a need, then compiling them into what is called an ebook and sell them in order to solve the buyer’s problem. The information you sell must provide the solution to a problem or else nobody will buy your ebook.


But you know what. Ebooks sell like hot cake. I can remember the first book I bought online was an ebook at the rate of 5000 naira and it contained only 25 pages and still gave me a detailed solution to the need I had for buying it.


Also, this is the 21st century. The world is evolving digitally and so is the internet. Many people may not have the time to read information online so they will prefer to read an ebook containing the information when they are free or less busy.


Another interesting aspect of making money selling ebooks in Nigeria is that ebooks that sell best are nowhere near 200 pages. In fact, you can create an ebook that is only 10, 20, and up to 50 pages long, as long as those pages solve a problem that people will pay to have the solution to and make some good profit from it.


Information marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Quality information is scarce. Imagine you are providing what thousands of people are asking for. For example, an ebook that has information on a solution to a particular problem or want. Just imagine you sell an eBook at $10 each and you get 10 sales per week. That amounts to $100 weekly. Without much stress, you can be bagging in $500 monthly.


Not only can you make money from information marketing in Nigeria, but you can also get exposure if you’re a blogger; boost your blog traffic, and earn a reputation on the internet. For example, if you publish a very good ebook on forex trading, buyers of your ebook will take you as an expert on the topic. And if they will be willing to pay you extra for one-on-one consulting. 


Information marketing is profitable in digital marketing that is not saturated yet. While people may focus on affiliate marketing, AdSense, tech, the latest smartphones and tablets, and other digital products, you can be making sales on eBooks. How sweet is that???


Now let me tell you a little story about myself and what I’ve gained from information marketing; that is, selling ebooks.


When I started blogging at the age of 20, I did not make a dime for the first month. I wrote original posts, 2000 words and above, got views but the cash didn’t roll in. The total amount I made from my ad networks was less than $10 so I gave up on ads for that period of time.  Later on, I tried affiliate marketing (which worked for a while). After some time, I did not make more than £5. I was about to give up on building my online career when I remember I have good writing skills. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I was ignorant! I went into information marketing and guess what? It worked out! (obviously). That’s how I got my first cash on January 1st the following year. 


I sold my eBook on “Content writing for blogs” for N2000 each and got about 10 sales. And that was it. I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that information marketing in Nigeria is indeed profitable.


My story is just one of the many success stories of people who are making money through information marketing in Nigeria. But it’s not as easy as you may think. To be successful in selling ebooks requires dedication, hard work, consistency, and proper strategies. To make good sales on an ebook, it must contain valuable and concise information. So you must be ready to do a little bit of work in getting and compiling that information.

Why should you learn Information Marketing?

Here are two compelling reasons:


1. It requires little IQ and capital to start. You can start even without a computer. The research can be done at cybercafes and the business centers can do your typing for you. So, not having a computer or laptop can’t be a hindrance.


2. If you’re a blogger or website owner, you can monetize your blog or website sooner by selling ebooks and getting your readers to buy from you.


Quite significant benefits of learning the act of creating and selling ebooks.


But that’s not all. There are a couple more benefits to information marketing as well.


  • It doesn’t necessarily require you to have a team in place or seek the services of professional writers. Creating a good ebook is completely doable on your own.


  • You can earn a good reputation on the internet when people get used to the idea of buying from you because your ebook actually contains valuable information that they want. It increases their level of trust in you.

How to start Information Marketing

Here’s the important point you need to understand if you want to start information marketing of selling ebooks in Nigeria:


You get paid when you provide quality Information 

to what people are seeking for’


Now the question is; can you identify what people are craving for or need to know? Well, this part can be challenging. You don’t just wake up on a bright morning and start creating an ebook on something that people might not really be interested in or seeking. You have to find out what people are interested in or what problems people need solutions to. When you identify that, then you can come up with a great idea on an information product you can create that provides that information or answers they need to know. Likewise, you’re adding value.


Here’s the step by step process for doing exactly that

Step1: Identify what people or your audience need to know


What type of information are people in need of on the internet? For example, ways to make money online in Nigeria is one hot topic Nigerians, in one way or the other, search on the internet, and there are a lot of blog posts, articles, and ebooks on that. Another example is with a fast-growing tech blog, Techpanda. Techpanda readers all need cutting-edge helpful information that helps them comprehend technology in the easiest way possible. So ebooks can be created from these categories.


To identify what people need to know so you can create a great ebook on it, there are 7 ways: 


  • Ubersuggest tool

  • blog comments

  • blog posts

  • online groups

  • forums

  • Google auto predict

  • Google related searches


These 7 ways work pretty well. Let’s go through each and every one of them.


Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest tool is a keyword research tool for finding keywords or topics with high search volume and low competition. It is owned by Neil Patel of What I mean here is that if you already have an idea or topic you want to create an ebook on, you can use Ubersuggest to know the number of people who daily search for that idea or topic in search engines and the competition. Enter your keywords and look for one with high search volume and low competition.


Blog comments: Visiting popular blogs and going through their blog comment can be very helpful. Not only will you get new information, but you will also know what people want or need. You may be thinking of producing an ebook on blogging but don’t really know which topic on blogging will sell well. You can visit active blogs like Shoutmeloud, tips on blogging, and many others to see what people are asking for in the comments.


Online groups: Facebook, WhatsApp, Google plus, or LinkedIn groups are also efficient ways to get ideas for information marketing. Check the latest gist, questions, debates, and then create an ebook that provides a solution to that.


Forums: Nairaland is the recommended forum for information marketing. 


Google auto predict: This is also a keyword tool you may have not known about. I bet you might have used it quite a number of times when you browse. When you type a word or keyword in a Google search, Google automatically shows a list of potential topics they think you intend to search for. Most of those topics are top searches by people which are selected by algorithms.


Google-related searches: Embedded beneath the popular Google Page are the related searches. It displays what people search for in relation to what you are searching for. You can use this to get vast ideas for your ebook.


Likewise, if you’re a blogger or website owner who has an audience already, you can simply send an email to your email list and ask them what type of information they might be interested in. 


You can use this template below:


Definitely, one or two of your email subscribers at least will reply and you will get an idea of what your next ebook can be about. 

Step 2: Choose a topic & create an ebook 

When you’ve identified what people need to know or get an idea of what to sell based on the response of your readers, you should now start compiling information for an ebook. Here’s where that little bit of effort is required. You don’t have every knowledge in the world that is why you still have to make research on any information you seek. You have to get concise and detailed information to create a good ebook that offers value.


And where can you get those facts and information for your eBook?


It’s simple. It’s exactly the same way you get information for your school projects and assignments. You Google it!


Searching on Google is an effective way of getting any information you need for your ebook. Yet, you have to be sure the information you’re getting is precise, accurate, and relevant to the ebook you’re creating. This will determine if your ebook is entirely useful or useless. You can also search forums, Quora, and other article submission directories like

Step 3: Find the audience for your products

Facebook and Google are the best and easiest ways to find people online. You have surely come across your old secondary schoolmates on Facebook so why can’t you come across people who will buy what you sell. To get the right people for your products, try searching through news feeds, Facebook pages, Facebook groups.


If the information you are selling is based on SEO techniques, you can easily search Facebook for “SEO”. This will show you wild range of options including groups and pages to choose from.

You can also use Twitter hashtags to find the right customers on Twitter or join online forums. Nairaland is a popular online forum. This is how I got the first customer who bought my eBook. So no matter what you sell, you will always find a buyer. Each category houses more than 1000 visitors per day and the forum itself has more than 3 million members to its name. It is the third-largest forum in the world.


You can not just create an ebook and then relax expecting it to get massive sales without knowing who will buy them. You must know who is interested and who isn’t, who needs it and who doesn’t, and then market it to the right audience.


Selling a tech ebook to someone who doesn’t care about it is ridiculous. So you have to know your audience and sell to that audience.

Selling the Ebook

By now, you have your ebook ready and saved as a pdf format on your computer. 


What do you do after someone pays for your ebook? There are three methods to it.


  • Email and third-party providers.

  • Digital download directly from your website (such as WordPress and other blogging platforms)

  • Digital download from a free hosting service


Email and third-party providers: This is quite the easiest way. You request the email address of the buyer and send that ebook directly to it. 


Digital download directly from your website: With Woocommerce, you can create your own online store and sell ebook downloads directly from your WordPress website/blog.

WooCommerce is a powerful and very easy-to-use WordPress eCommerce plugin. It can be installed on an existing WordPress site or blog, or you can create a new online store to sell your ebooks.


This is a good option to sell digital downloads of your ebooks as well as other digital products like music, software, etc. It supports the most popular payment gateways and requires no technical or programming skills to set up.


For your buyer to be able to automatically download your eBook online, you must have your eBook hosted online. If you prefer to host your eBook online with a free hosting service (without having your own website) so your buyer can download it from there, below are several websites you can use. 








These sites are quite simple to use. Simply go to the website, upload your file, scroll down to the page to copy the link, and that is it! When your buyer clicks the link, it takes him/her directly to your file. Yet, always endeavor to test the link (by copying it into your browser) to make sure it works correctly before sending it to your buyers.

We recommend because it works best than other sites mentioned above.

However, if you want more sites, you can search on Google for more.

Please note: Free hosting services are mostly used if you’re giving out your ebook for free and don’t intend to sell it.

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