Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth


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Jeff Foxworthy performing on stage holding a microphone

This article will outline the early life, career, facts, lifestyle, personal life, awards/achievements/endorsements and Jeff Foxworthy net worth.

Jeff Foxworthy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 6th 1958. He is a comedian and actor who has had a successful stand-up act since he first started. He has also been in many TV shows, as well as guest starring on all sorts of other programmes including: King of The Hill, That 70s Show, MAS*H, Roseanne and Friends among others.

Jeff is a very popular and well known entertainer, with several stand-up comedy tours under his belt over the years. He has also earned a considerable amount of money from his TV shows as well as from his many TV appearances in which he has found himself. Jeff Foxworthy net worth is about $100 million and will hopefully continue to build his wealth further in the future.

Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth

Early life: Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy was born on September 6th 1958, in Atlanta, Georgia to Carol and Jimmy Foxworthy. His father was an executive at IBM. Foxworthy graduated from Hapeville High School and enrolled at Atlanta’s Georgia Institute of Technology. Jeff dropped out after just one semester.

For the next five years, he worked in mainframe computer maintenance at IBM alongside his father. He was always telling jokes at work, and his co-workers urged him to enter the Great Southeastern Laugh-off contest at the Punchline comedy club in Atlanta. Foxworthy took the stage in front of a huge crowd and did well, placing second.

After this, he thought he had a real future in comedy and decided to quit his day job to pursue it full-time.

He entered in 1984, won the contest, and set off to pursue a career in comedy. Jeff Foxworthy net worth started just as big as he is now and you may be interested to know how he got such a massive amount of wealth.

Stand-up comedy: Jeff Foxworthy net worth began to rise after he started doing stand up comedy while performing at various clubs all over the United States. He appeared at comedy clubs in Atlanta where he got his first big break. In 1986, Jeff became host of Comedy America which was a syndicated half hour TV show that featured different talent each week.

The following year, Foxworthy made his first television appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where it was broadcast on June 15th 1987. Shortly after this, he was chosen as a cast member on the New York-based sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. He also did a season of Southern-Fried Comedy from 1987 to 88.

Foxworthy became popularly known in 1990 for his role as a regular panelist on the television game show Celebrity Sweepstakes which ran for one season. His biggest break to date happened when Jeff took the stage at The Punch Line Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia and got a standing ovation from the audience. It was that night when he decided to pursue comedy full time.

Jeff Foxworthy net worth started increasing alongside his fame and career as an entertainer continued to rise during the 1990s.

Jeff Foxworthy Career: Different people have different careers in the field of entertainment. Some get into it directly from school, others from an interest they already had. Jeff Foxworthy was no different. He made his debut in 1984 when he took part in the Great Southeastern Laugh-off comedy competition at the Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia.

He wasn’t quite sure if this was what he was meant to be doing with his life, but it turned out that being funny is pretty good way to succeed in life and make money rather quickly.

Jeff Foxworthy wearing a black suit on stage with glasses on his face

Foxworthy started stand-up comedy fully in 1986, but he was still working as a programmer at IBM. He started doing comedy around this time and became very successful within a few years. Jeff Foxworthy net worth began to rise after he started doing stand up comedy while performing at various clubs all over the United States.

Foxworthy is perhaps best known for his 1993 hit “You Might Be a Redneck If,” which started a whole trend of “You Might Be a Redneck” fad. Foxworthy’s 1993 album of the same name topped the charts. Foxworthy has released six comedy albums and is the best-selling comedy recording artist of all time.

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour brought new audiences to Foxworthy’s comedy in the early 2000s. Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White toured together on the comedy tour, and their performances and popularity helped to increase their own individual fan bases.

The tour was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 2000. In 2002 and 2003, Foxworthy co-hosted the NBC game show The Weakest Link (alongside Chris Berman). In 2004, he appeared on Celebrity Mole Challenge where he became an official celebrity mole along with other participants including Ronnie Magro, Barry Williams, Seth Green and Jenna Elfman.

He also appeared in an episode of Family Guy, which aired on November 12th 2006. On October 13th 2007, Foxworthy hosted a one-hour special called Jeff Foxworthy’s Big Live Comedy Show that aired on TNN.

Jeff Foxworthy Personal Life: Foxworthy met Pamela Gregg at the Punchline comedy club in Atlanta. They married on September 18, 1985. They have two daughters, Jordan and Julianne. He is a devout Christian who is active in his community through charity work and volunteerism. He has supported charities like Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, March of Dimes and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Foxworthy is also a passionate member of the USO, which frequently brings him overseas to entertain troops stationed abroad. Every year since 2003, Jeff leads his “Kicking Asphalt Comedy Tour” to USO locations overseas in order to give back to all of our brave men and women serving their country.

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Jeff Foxworthy net worth will rise in future if he continues his daily routine which is all about entertaining people with his good humor and jokes on stage.

Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth: Estimated Jeff Foxworthy net worth is $100 million and counting. His total net worth is also said to be over $12 million that he earns annually. The estimated amount of Jeff Foxworthy net worth comes from his comedy albums which he released along with other comedy shows that he participated in. He enjoys his status as an actor, comedian and entertainer who brings joy to people by just making them laugh.

Foxworthy has a huge fan base and people follow him and his career. Foxworthy has been an inspiration to the younger generation of the country and he tops all of the money making lists when it comes to comedians. He is quite popular in the state of Georgia where he was born.

Foxworthy also owns rental properties, stocks and bonds. Other than these, he also earns through TV shows which are related to comedy business and movies. All these have helped increase Jeff Foxworthy net worth by a lot. In future, Jeff will do more TV shows, tour his country and perform on stage at various clubs that are known for their comedy business.

Awards/Achievements & Endorsements: Foxworthy has been given a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame and streets in his honor in suburban Atlanta. On January 8th 2006, he was honored by the Georgia General Assembly as an official “Georgia Legend” for his many achievements in entertainment.

He also hosted one of the last episodes of Bob Barker’s The Price is Right, which originally aired on June 5th 2007 on CBS before Drew Carey took over the job permanently. On November 2nd 2009, Foxworthy was announced as one of twenty recipients of the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors, which were presented by President Barack Obama in December that year.

Foxworthy has also been featured in the “Georgia Music Hall of Fame” In 2011, he was inducted into the Academy of Country Music Hall of Fame.

Facts: Jeff Foxworthy has about 91,200 followers and following 146 on Instagram as @realjefffoxworthy, he also has 149,900 followers and following 375 on Twitter as @foxoutdoors, he also has about 2,900,000 followers and following 55 on Facebook as Jeff Foxworthy, and has 63,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.


Foxworthy has been an inspiration to many people, especially the younger generation of the country. He has done some great work and is also known for his charity work.

He is one of the most popular comedians and hosts shows that are related to comedy. Foxworthy enjoys his status as an actor, comedian and entertainer who brings joy to people by just making them laugh. He is quite popular in the state of Georgia where he was born.

With his million dollar net worth, it only means that he has a long history ahead and that gives him more time to keep entertaining people with his humor. Jeff Foxworthy net worth will rise in the coming days which will only mean that he deserves his position and people love him for it.

He has achieved a lot in his life and there is always more to come. He will continue to entertain and give joy to people with his humor. His future has big and bright things coming up for him and that will certainly increase Jeff Foxworthy net worth by a lot in the next few years.

Jeff Foxworthy opens his mouth while performing on stage

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