Walker Hayes Net Worth


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Walker Hayes performing on stage holding a microphone

Walker Hayes has a net worth of about $4.5 million, has reached Platinum Status on both the US and Canadian country charts, and was nominated for Best New Artist. He is not just an overnight star though. Walker Hayes has been writing songs since he was 18 years old and playing shows in Nashville since 2008.

Close your eyes and envision a stereotypical American country songwriter: you have a cowboy hat, jeans worn down to threads at the bottoms, boots that have seen more dirt than any shoe should ever come in contact with. A lifetime of hard work can be seen in every wrinkle of your face and every creak of your voice as you harmonize with a steel guitar.

Well, picture that same guy in a button down shirt, slacks and dress shoes, sitting at his computer writing his next big hit. You probably aren’t picturing the same character anymore but Walker Hayes has done the impossible: he took the rootsy characteristics of your traditional Nashville artiste and translated it into something fresh and new while preserving what we love about this music.

Utilizing both contemporary techniques and old time values, Walker has created a sound all his own without drifting too far from its roots.

This article will be telling more about Walker Hayes net worth, career, lifestyle, family, early life, awards/achievements and facts.

Walker Hayes Net Worth

Early Life: Charles Edgar Walker Hayes, simply known as Walker Hayes is a 42 years old American pop-country singer, who was born on the 27th of December, 1979 in Mobile, Alabama, United States. Walker is the youngest child of Gail and Charles Hayes, who was an engineer and a farmer.

Walker Hayes has two other siblings: a half-sister and a half-brother. Aside from that, little else is known about his family members, as Walker was raised in a very private Christian home.

Growing up in this environment and with the encouragement of his family, Walker got involved in music at an early age. He started writing songs at the age of 18. During this time, he also worked as a carpenter to support himself financially. He became interested in music after hearing Allan Jackson’s “Velvet Rope”.

For his high school education, he attended the St. Paul’s Episcopal School. Then, he joined Birmingham-Southern College. He came out holding a bachelor’s degree from the College in 2002 with majoring in music.

Hayes followed up this accomplishment by attending the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to further his musical studies.

Considering Nashville is the hub for aspiring and up-and-coming musicians, Hayes decided to relocate to the city to submerge himself in the music scene. Not too long after he settled into his new home, he landed a job as a songwriter with Mercury Records Nashville. His role there was short-lived as he eventually moved onto Capitol Records-Nashville, serving in the same capacity.

He dropped his first song titled “Pants” in 2010, which peaked at No. 60 on the Hot Country Songs chart. Two years later, he released “Broken Road”, which became his first Top 20 hit. It further propelled him to become one of Nashville’s most successful songwriters.

Starting early 2008, he began playing shows in the city regularly, often at the local venues: 12th and Porter, Douglas Corner, and The Rutledge.

Walker Hayes wearing a face cap with the US flag on it

Hayes also began recording his own songs and released them online. This was done to showcase his music to a wider audience. His debut EP “Walking Under Stars” was released in 2011. It included five original tracks that were co-produced by Keith Gattis. The following year, “Tailor Made” was released as Hayes’ first full-length album in 2012.

Career: Walker Hayes kicked off his musical career back in 2008 when he released an EP titled “Walking Under Stars”. The EP was recorded on a four-track recorder and covers a variety of genres, such as easy listening and electro-folk.

However, he is recognized for his very first solo album “Tailor Made”, in 2012. This album consists of twelve tracks and blends the sounds of bluegrass and folk with electronic elements. Walker Hayes also wrote all the songs in this album, with his co-writers including Will Sexton, Keith Gattis, Ross Coppermann and Nathan Chapman.

The video for the song “Change” featuring Lee Brice was released in 2013. That same year, Walker Hayes was nominated for the FAME Award for “Best New Male Artist.” Meanwhile, his second album “Love Lies” was released in 2014. It features only one cover song, “Lady or a Tramp”, which was originally a hit in 1980 by American country singer Lynn Anderson.

Hayes dropped his first studio album titled “Reason to Rhyme” in 2011. From the album, he performed the song “Why Wait for Summer” on an episode of the reality TV series “19 Kids and Counting.” He was featured on the cover of “Southern Living” magazine in 2014.

Walker Hayes’ net worth has been accumulating since his lengthy career as a songwriter, playing shows and releasing albums.

In 2013, he had a breakthrough year when he released his first two EPs: “Mosaic” and “Cluster”. The former included the hit single “Craig” that was released in 2013. During this period of time, Walker Hayes appeared on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and was also nominated for several awards in the country genre.

Walker dropped a song titled “You Broke Up with Me” in January 2017, which turned out to be his breakthrough hit single on the Billboard charts. The song was included on his first Monument album titled “Boom”.

Walker Hayes Net Worth: The American country singer, songwriter and musician Walker Hayes has a net worth of approximately $4.5 million. His source of income is a great deal of success in both music and entertainment industry. With all these records and achievements, Walker Hayes is one of the best popular country artists in the entertainment world.

As a songwriter, he has bagged several awards and honors for his exceptional work. In 2017 alone, Walker Hayes won two different awards at Music Row Magazine’s Music Awards, which include Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for “You Broke Up with Me.” He was also honored as Breakthrough Artist of the Year at 2018’s ACM Awards.

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Walker works on multiple music projects at once thanks to his huge fan base. Walker Hayes is one of the best-selling country singers in America right now, who is best known for his debut hit single titled “You Broke Up with Me” that topped the Billboard charts in 2017.

Personal Life: After Josh Weathers, the co-writer of “You Broke Up with Me,” saw Walker Hayes performing in Nashville, he decided to reintroduce him to his songwriting partner Shane McAnally who then introduced Hayes to Dave Cobb. This led to a recording contract for Walker Hayes with Sony Music Nashville and RCA Nashville in 2016.


Hayes has also been very busy in terms of performances and live tours. He is one of the best country music artists, who has toured extensively across America. In 2018 and 2019, he is scheduled to perform in different parts of the country.

Walker Hayes married to Laney Beville Hayes in the year of 2014, who is a philanthropist and CEO of her family’s company Curious Fabrics.

Hayes has been very busy with his music career. He records and releases songs in various genres such as pop rock, country and folk pop. He also plays a variety of instruments such as the guitar and piano on all his songs and albums to show versatility at various locations. He experimented with different production techniques on this album to give it a modern feel while maintaining an old school vibe at the same time.

Awards & Achievements: For his hard work and dedication to music, Walker Hayes has bagged several awards. In 2017, the singer-songwriter released two singles from his upcoming album titled “Boom”. The first single from the album “You Broke Up with Me” was released in January 2017. It quickly became a big hit on US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and remained at No 1 for eight weeks in total.

Rising rapidly to fame due to this hit, Walker Hayes bagged several awards during 2017 and 2018. In addition to this, his debut song as a solo artist reached at No 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

With these achievements under his belt, Walker Hayes won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year award at Music Row Magazine’s Music Awards in 2018.

What’s more, Hayes along with his song “You Broke Up with Me” won the Song of the Year award at the ACM Awards in 2018.

Facts: Walker Hayes has about 941,000 followers and following 279 on Instagram as @walkerhayes, he has 48,900 followers and following 88 on Twitter as @walkerhayes, he also has about 365,000 followers and following 16 on Facebook as Walker Hayes and 393,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.


At times, he looks like he is a kid who loves to explore the world and has an adventurous spirit with nature. On the other hand, Walker Hayes is a serious minded person with a lot of passion for his career as a musician and songwriter.

His childhood was hard for him. In an interview, before writing his first single on his debut album, Walker Hayes said that at times he felt different or uncomfortable about himself. This led him to express what’s on his mind through songs and piano-based productions.

Walker Hayes has been very busy recording new tracks since the release of “You Broke Up With Me” at the beginning of 2017. With his upcoming album, he aims to explore more up-beat and modern sounds and bring new elements to the country genre.

In addition to this, Walker Hayes is also a huge fan of cars and traveling. He loves traveling solo to all the states in America alone on his daily basis.

On a side note, Walker Hayes is a diehard fan of country music and enjoys listening to old school hits with his karaoke machine at home.

Walker Hayes wearing a brown suit

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