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What is Amanda Gorman net worth? Amanda Gorman came was born on March 7, 1998 in Los Angeles, California, United States, as the daughter of Joan Wicks. Amanda and her twin sister, Gabrielle, are activists , actresses, and models and they were popular with the public. Amanda Gorman is a Poet who has written many poems and songs . She has also written articles for its magazine called Free Your Voice.

Amanda is popular among the masses by her unique appearance. Her unique appearance may raise several questions but she is well known for writing some of the best poems on free verse, and her ability to capture the attention of many people with her bold look.

Amanda has a very talented voice and it is an unusual voice that people get to listen to while reading one of her poems. Amanda Gorman’s net worth currently exceeds $2 million dollars.

Amanda Gorman net worth

Amanda Gorman is is an American Poet, actress and Model who is popular for her unique appearance that people get to see while reading her poetry. She focus on a wide range of issues like race, feminism, and the African diaspora. She has written many poems, had a lot of acting roles, and even modeled for several brands.

She started writing poems at the young age of 8 years old due to her love of writing. Amanda wrote many poems called: “The Hill To Climb” in which she mentions the land where black people were enslaved. The poem was inspired by her grandmother, because she too was a slave in 1860s America.

Amanda and her twin sister, Gabrielle have published their first book of poems in 2013 calling “The Light is Within Me.” In the same year Amanda and her sister Gabrielle founded a group called “Free Your Voice” which they use to help others express themselves through poetry, music, dance , and other performing arts to raise awareness about important social issues.

In Amanda’s first documentary movie called “The Love Project” which is about Documentary filmmaking, she talks about her own personal journey of learning how to talk about love and how she can help others around the world to be free of pain. The purpose of this movie (documentary) is mainly to empower women in society today.

The Love Project is a film that broadened my view in many different aspects that extend beyond what I thought possible, including the way I see others as well as myself.

The 23 years old, is one of the budding actress and a poet who has won several awards for her work. She has written a lot of poems and been featured in various magazines like: Inside Out, Free Your Voice , The Good Anthology , Ink stain zine, and many more.

Free Your Voice Foundation is an organization that promotes free expression through poetry worldwide for all ages and abilities. They hold workshops and competitions for people to create poetry and perform it. Also, they accept requests from writers and poets from around the globe to have their poems published in their anthology.

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She made her name known with The Hill To Climb poem she performed at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The video of the performance got more than 13 million views on YouTube. She then appeared at the White House Poetry Jam event in 2017. Several newspapers like: New York Times have called her as a voice of a new generation.

In an interview, she said that she is proud to be an African American woman who is doing her best to change the world for the better. She is also known for being very bold in her new look and style that catches the eye of people like no other . This has made her to get several modeling jobs from different brands like Balmain, Gucci, Alexander Wang and many more.

She has won several awards for her work like: The Hill To Climb Award and the 2016 Carolina Public Press Best of Show Award at the Blue Ridge Poetry Conference, and a St. Petersburg Times Poem of the Year 2016. She is also featured in several books like: The Good Anthology, Free Your Voice and many more.

She has been featured on many fashion shows as well as acting in some movies . Her acting career started in 2015 with a role in a movie called Fair Game. The movie got to 1 million views on YouTube.

Her clothing line by Miju is one of the high selling clothing brand in the market today. She has been heard on many radio shows throughout the country.

In the interview, Amanda revealed that she turned down roughly $17 million worth of deals since the beginning of the year. However, days after Biden’s inauguration ceremony, Amanda made a deal with IMG Models. She has since done a lot of modeling and has been interviewed on radio shows to help spread the message of her brand.

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Amanda is a well known Poet who has written poems, songs, articles and works on screenplays. She is an advocate for women like her because she promotes equality between men and women.

Her life is a perfect example that it does not matter how old you are when you start doing what you love most but it matters how much hard work one puts and time to time that kind of dedication creates magic.

What is Amanda Gorman net worth?
Amanda Gorman has an estimated net worth of $2 to $4 million dollars. The source of Amanda Gorman net worth is the amount of money she has made from the success of her career in the field of acting, writing, radio and media.

When she was younger, her family was not well off financially but like any other family they had some money to spend on groceries and toys for their kids. Amanda Gorman when she was 8 years old started writing poems. This is a very creative job that needs skill and passion to create perfect poems. There are many people in the world who can write but there are very few that can create a good poem.

With years of practice, Amanda found her way into the right spot. As we all know, there are a lot of people who want to do this job, but they could not make it to the top due to their lack of skills and talent. This is one reason why very few people make it to the top and a good example of this is Amanda Gorman who has written poems with great power.

The Hill to Climb poem that she wrote caught the attention of thousands of people. She used this poem to tell us about the history of our country where black people were enslaved. The poem got 13 million views on YouTube during the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden .

This way, she made her name known in the media and she got many modeling jobs from different brands like Balmain, Gucci and Alexander Wang . She also appeared in some movies like Fair Game with Naomi Watts, Sean Penn and Corey Stoll.

She is a well known actress and poet. Amanda made her break into the world of acting with a role in a movie called Fair Game. She was also casted in the TV shows like Freeform’s Alone, Fox’s Minority Report and ABC Family’s Twisted. The young Amanda Gorman also has a successful career in the field of writing.

This is not an easy job because you need skill and talent to write good poems or stories. She became the first African American woman who won the 2017 The Good Anthology Award.

She was also a winner at the Lorraine Hansberry Poetry Prize and was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Short Story. Additionally, she was named as one of Center Stage Magazine’s Best of 2016 for her work in theater The Old Globe ’s production of A Raisin in the Sun directed by Michelle Obama.


In conclusion, this article described Amanda Gorman net worth and how she started as a young poet and how she had become so attractive due to her great work in the field of poetry. This article gave and explained an example of how hard work is the only way one can set him or herself apart from others. It furthermore, explained that with hard work and passion you can create something great like Amanda has done with her poems and poems.

This article has drawn an analogy between Amanda Gorman’s life and the field of literature. It has drawn the attention of many people because it gives an illustration of how hard work is needed to make something successful in this world. It has also reminded everyone that with hard work and skill, the world is your oyster.

The article was very well researched and well written considering the limited amount of space it had to do so. The article has explained in a very clear way about Amanda Gorman’s life and how hard work really is what makes you stand out from others in this world. It has also made an illustration of how hard work is the only thing that creates success in this life.

In a nutshell, this made Amanda Gorman famous because people have known her through her poem Hill to Climb and this has given her name recognition along with her celebrity status.

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