15 Richest Persons in Alaska and Source of Their Wealth


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America has been on the top spot when it comes to wealth and out of the world’s richest people, they hold 15 out of that list including the first second and third. This means that the chances of each state in America having a billionaire is high and today we would be looking at the 15 richest persons in Alaska and how they got their wealth.

The richest persons in Alaska are Leonard Hyde, Jonathan Rubini and so forth.

Alaska is well known for being more of a frozen tundra and a place people wouldn’t really attach much importance to but it is filled with resources and along with resources, it has raised some individuals that has shown incredible potential and success in the line of business they specialize in.

These individuals have become worthy of the title of the richest persons in Alaska, let’s look at the top 15

Leonard Hyde

richest persons in Alaska

The first on the list and one of the richest persons in Alaska is Leonard Hyde president of JL Properties, a commercial real estate developer in Alaska a business that under his hands has seen a lot of boom propelling him to where he is today, towering over all other competitors companies. He has a close working relationship with the next person on this list  Jonathan Rubini, collectively the duo manages and directs the affairs of JL properties with special attention paid to the company’s prime buildings; JL Tower and the ConocoPhillips Towers. 

They both have 50% of shares of JL properties with their assets and real estate properties stretching through the states with hotels parks and residential homes.

Jonathan Rubini

richest persons in Alaska

As earlier said, Mr., Rubini is a close work partner with MR. Leonard Hyde and has been given the amazing position of CEO and chair of JL Properties. In his position, he has helped grow the company to enviable heights and in the process has propelled himself to become of the richest persons in Alaska.

As the CEO of JL properties in his time, he has ensured that the company controls the largest buildings in the state and beyond and has been integral in the expansion of the business.

Robert Gilliam

When it comes to the list of the richest people in Alaska, it would not be complete without Robert Gilliam, one of America’s most popular investors and influencers in the assets trading world. was born on July 7, 1946, He is the owner and chairman of McKinley Capital Management, one of the best asset management firms and offers investment management services in America  He has risen to his present state of wealth providing valued service in investment, portfolio management, and financial planning and has truly made a name for himself.

Sadly, though, he is no longer alive, having dedicated all his life to his McKinley Capital Management he passes away in 2018 with a worth of $320 million as of 2015. Before he died though he was popularly known as “Peter Lynch of the Northwest.”  Bob Gilliam did not take much time to become one of the richest people in Alaska and would always be remembered as one of the pave makers in the finance industry in Alaska. he was a  good environmental activist too using some of his money to fight the copper and gold mining industry from destroying Alaskan islands before He died from a stroke in 2018.


Gabriel Kompkoff

Gabriel Kompkoff is someone that truly deserves to be on this list of the richest persons in Alaska as he is an influential personality in the Alaskan state; Gabriel is the CEO of Chugach Alaska Corporation which n renders governmental services, energy services, and facility services to customers globally. He has an associate degree and is still at a young age when compared to other people of his status.

Ralph Andersen

A shareholder in the Bristol Bay Native Corporation graduated from high school in 1972, He has received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alaska, these are just some of the few attributes that can be used to describe Ralph Anderson, one of the richest person sin Alaska, the 5th actually. 

Ralph Anderson has served in some quite popular roles over the years, serving as Co-Chair of the AFN Board for three years served as CEO of BBNA and BBNA representative on the AFN Board. Presently he serves as the chair of the Bristol Bay Partnership and chair of the Western Alaska Salmon Coalition; he is one of the most popular well to do individuals in Alaska.

Gregory Hambright

This particular individual is well known for his simplicity and is a worthy mention on this list of the richest persons in Alaska. Mr Gregory is the President and CEO of Afognak Native Corp a program development company that offers shareholder employment support systems, the company had huge success and propelled him to the status that he is in today.

David Pine

David Pine, who serves as its president, leads Chenega Security California Corporation and it was this position that made David rise to his role as one of the richest persons in Alaska, he had previously worked for Chenega Security & Protection Services LLC, as an operations director.

Dan Winkelman

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation, He is one of the richest persons in Alaska.  His integral success and subsequent popularity and reverence in Alaska is mostly because of his company Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corp a healthcare delivery system that serves the Yukon Territory and caters to more than 50 remote villages to call home.

Thomas Kennedy

Thomas Kennedy is a notable mention on this list of the richest persons in Alaska and is the president of the Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation; he also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer.

PopsAK Edwardsen

With the big role as President of UIC Government Services, this is a man that made it to the list of the richest persons in Alaska and heads the company which offers services in engineering, base support, program support, maintenance services, information technology, and so on


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