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How to reduce the size of a PDF by using a cellphone is currently being sought after. This is because the use of this document format is neater and will not change if it is opened using any device. Good quality makes the size of this document format large. Even though for some purposes it often requires a small PDF size. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to reduce the PDF size by using a cellphone because it is more practical and can be done anytime. To reduce the size of a PDF on a cellphone, you can use an online site, also use a special application. Here is the full explanation.

How to Reduce PDF Size Online

 Several online sites can be accessed from HP to reduce PDF size easily, quickly, and for free. These sites are as follows:

Shrink PDF using SmallPDF Site

Smallpdf may already be very familiar to your ears. This site is one of my favorites to reduce PDF size easily. It turns out that SmallPDF can also be accessed using HP. Here are the steps:

  • First, open the site in the browser installed on your cell phone. Then scroll down and select the Compress PDF menu.

  • Then you can directly click Choose File to upload the PDF file that will be reduced in size.

  • Wait for the uploading process to finish then select the compression quality you want.

  • Click Choose File and wait for the compression process to complete. Then you will see the size of the reduced PDF.

  • Click download if you want to download the file and save it on your cell phone.

  • But if you want to save on Google Drive or Dropbox, select the option to write Save to Google Drive or Save to Dropbox.

Reducing PDF size via iLovePDF Site

Just like SmallPDF, this site also provides services for online PDF compression more easily.

  • Open in the browser on your cell phone.

  • Select the Compress PDF menu and then click Choose File to upload the PDF you want to shrink. 

  • Then select the type of compression as needed. Each type will produce a different quality. 

  • Extreme compression will result in low quality.

  • Recommended compression will produce good quality, and low compression will produce high quality. Then click Compress PDF.

  • When finished, the PDF file will automatically download. 

  • If you want to continue editing other PDFs can also be done on this site.

Compress PDF via PDF Compressor

The next way to reduce the size of a PDF is to use the PDF Compressor site. Here’s how to use it:

  • Go to the page.

  • Then select the menu to reduce the PDF size, then click Upload File.

  • After the file has been successfully uploaded, you can wait for a while until the compression process is complete.

  • Finally, you can download the file and save it on your cell phone.

Reducing PDF Size using the SodaPDF page

 Another site option for shrinking PDFs is using SodaPDF. This page can also be accessed easily and quickly. Here’s how to use it:

  • Open in a browser.

  • Select menu to compress PDF.

  • Then click Choose File to upload the PDF file in the storage.

  • But if you want to upload a PDF file from Google Drive or Dropbox, click the symbol of the online document saving application.

  • Select the compression quality option according to what you want.

  • There are three types of quality: Low Quality, Good Quality, and High Quality.

  • After that click Compress PDF. Wait until the compression process is complete and the PDF file will be automatically saved on the Computer.

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