How To Build A Free Standing Pallet Wall


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pallet wall used to to decorate a wardrobe in a room

More and more people ask the question of how to build a free standing pallet wall which are mostly used for decoration or furniture. Pallet walls are a great way to add interest to your living space or even the exterior of your house. If you have the time, pallets can be very easy to create and don’t require any tools.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can build a free standing pallet wall for your home. We will go over the materials you need as well as how long it will take to complete the project.

This instructional article will also show you step by step how you can make one for yourself as well as for friends and family members who want one too. You might even be able to present it at parties, gatherings, or events!

What is a free standing pallet wall?

Pallet wall is a structure that is made from pallets for the purpose of decoration. Pallets are made out of wood and are used to store or transport goods. You can make an interesting piece for yourself if you have a few pallets, a drill, nails, hammer, screwdriver, dowel rods or something similar to support multiple boards in front, Screws and some time on your hands.

A pallet wall is a type of wall that can be used in many different ways. It can be used as a room divider, to create a feature wall, or even to frame an archway!
Most pallet walls are made up of one large pallet and some other decorative elements (such as wine bottles, candles and vases).

The items you use are limited by your imagination. What’s also great is the fact that you can arrange the pallets anyway you like. You can put them at any angle or any height that makes sense for the space where they will be installed.

Pallet walls can be used indoors or even outdoors. They are often very striking and more modern than traditional timber frames.

A free standing pallet wall is one that is built out of pallets, meaning it is made out of pallets that are not stacked together as a unit. A free standing pallet wall can be used to create a divider, decorative feature or even an archway. There are many different ways a free standing pallet wall can be used and they can accentuate any home or office.

A free-standing pallet wall is a pallet wall that doesn’t need support from the ceiling or from the floor. It will stand out on its own and can be used in many different ways.

Where can a free standing pallet wall be used?
A free standing pallet wall can be placed in your home, office, yard or even garden! Pallet walls are great for decorating just about any room and have been known to help create a certain ambiance wherever they are installed. They can be put up in any room that has a flat surface that is big enough to handle them.

You don’t need to hire an expert to help you with the install and they don’t need to use heavy equipment like other projects do. You can easily construct a free standing pallet wall and it does not need much maintenance.

They are easy to use. You do not need any tools to build them, but some basic hand tools come in handy when you’re installing the boards. After you have them set up and are happy with the look of your pallet wall, all that is left is to paint or stain it, whatever you choose!

man using a drilling machine to build a pallet wall

How to build a free standing pallet wall

You can build a free standing pallet wall yourself, or you can order one online. Either way, it will take some time and you will need certain tools to help you accomplish the task. The steps to follow when building a free standing pallet wall includes:

  1. Plan how you want to place the pallets at the end of your project:
    Plan which way you want your free standing pallet wall to face as well as how it will be used. You can even draw a sketch of what you want to do, so that you can see it before setting up the pallets and positioning them at the end of your project.
  2. Clean all the pallets:
    If you are purchasing pre-cut pallets, they should already be clean and ready to use. If not, there should still be some left on them that are clean and ready for use. Remove the stickers and other adhesives that are on them and cut around any nails or screws. If there is anything leftover, you can use it to make a toss cushion for your project or even a chair or stool for your pallet wall area.
  3. Check all the pallets:
    It’s very important to check all the planks before you begin building the free standing pallet wall. Make sure there are no cracks, damaged boards, missing boards, broken boards or anything else that could make your project less than perfect.
  4. Select the boards:
    When you have your plan for the pallet wall laid out, decide which boards you want to use. Then decide how long you would like each board to be. For example, two planks make up one board and two boards can make up a piece of wall.

Work out how long each board should be based on how long your project is going to be, or how large the area it will cover. Measure each plank with a tape measure and write down what they are on a chart so you know where they are being used in relation to the other pallets and boards.

  1. Longer boards are used at the bottom and smaller boards at the top:
    Start with the largest boards at the bottom of your free standing pallet wall. This will make it easier to hang and balance them on top of each other so that they don’t fall over. It also makes it easier to pick them up when you have painted them.
  2. Nail down the pallets on your project:
    Nail down all of your pallets after you have placed them in order and marked which ones go where. Nails won’t damage your nails too much, but you may want to use a drill because it is faster,
  3. Make sure all boards are level:
    The next step is to check that all the board are level with each other. For example, if one board is higher than another, the project won’t be as stable.
  4. Paint and stain the free standing pallet wall:
    You can paint or stain your free standing pallet wall any color you like! And you can use different colors on different boards so that it looks unique and unique to your particular project.

Also remember that you can take off some of the paint or stain at the end of your project if you think it’s too bright or bold for your taste! You can also leave them in their original wood color, which will still look pretty nice.

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If you are just purchasing a free standing pallet wall, you can have them shipped right to you and should be able to put them up on your own. Your pallets may come with a guide that tells you how many pallets equal a certain width, depending on how wide the pallets are. It will also tell you the height of each board based on how many there are in one board.

You can also use more than one layer of pallets for a bigger project. This will make it stronger, but it will also mean that more nails and screws will be needed to hold it together. The more layers you have, the thicker the pallet wall will be. The wider your pallet wall will be depends on how wide the planks on your pallets are.

If you are looking for an alternative to a free standing pallet wall, you can also try building a free standing wood wall instead!

Benefits of using a free standing pallet wall
There are so many benefits to using a free standing pallet wall around your home or office. Some of the different benefits you can gain from using a free standing pallet wall include:

  1. They are sturdy:
    A free standing pallet wall is sturdy and strong. This makes it great for a variety of different uses, including to separate rooms, cover an unsightly surface or even as part of a partition in your office. The strength of pallets can be used to create walls for gardens too!
  2. They are easy to use and install:
    A free standing pallet wall is very easy to install and you don’t need any heavy machinery or large equipment to help you do it. You just need pallets for a free standing pallet wall, some nails and a spirit level to keep everything straight. They are also very easy to paint with the help of a paintbrush!
  3. They are very cheap:
    A free standing pallet wall is quite cheap in comparison to other types of walls around your home or office. You can build one using old pallets that you may have lying around, or you can order them online if you would like something that is pre-cut and ready to go. Either way, they are a lot cheaper than going out and buying new bricks!
  4. They can be used as decoration:
    They are also great for decoration and can be used to spice up your windows, door or even as chairs in your garden.
  5. They are easy to reuse:
    You can reuse pallets for many things around your home and office, including planters and other items! They can also be used to create small free standing pallet walls or you can use them to build a free standing pole barn.
  6. They are easy to move:
    A free standing pallet wall is very easy to move around, simply because it’s a lot lighter than wooden walls or bricks. The pallets will also be easier to install, which means you can build your free standing pallet wall in one area, then move it somewhere else if you need to.


In conclusion, a free standing pallet wall is a great addition to your home or office, providing you with multiple benefits. It’s very easy to build and can be made from various materials. Its benefits also cannot be underestimated. Make sure to check out your local garden store and find some old pallets for a cheap project!

Now we know how to build a free standing pallet wall, it is also good that we maintain it to be more durable, so that it will not easily break down in the future. The following are tips that we can do:

  1. It is good to ensure that all the nails or screws are even. If they are uneven, they may cause some breaking of the free standing pallet wall.
  2. The nails or screws should be kept clean at all times so that it will not result in rusting or corrosion which can lead to a problem during usage of the free standing pallet wall recently built by us.
  3. It is not necessary to paint it immediately. We can leave it that way in the free standing pallet wall because it will remain as a good appearance of the free standing pallet wall.
  4. The paint used in the free standing pallet wall should also be cleaned so that it will not result in rusting or corrosion which can damage the construction of the free standing pallet recently built by us.
  5. In order for us to use this for a long period of time, we need to regularly clean and fix any damage made to its construction like termites and other items from causing damage later on.

These to mention a few are steps to follow in other to keep and maintain our free standing pallet wall clean at all times.

pallet wall used as a wallpaper to hang a television

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