How to Make Your Generator More Quiet


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A noisy generator can be a real buzzkill when you’re having quality time with family and friends, trying to sleep or doing some work. You just want to make your generator more quiet but it won’t just stop humming noisily. This can be really annoying.

Generators are necessary when camping and can provide power during power outage emergencies so it can really irk you when they keep making noise. Fortunately, most of these are easy to fix with the right tools, skills and safety equipment.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make your noisy generator become more quiet then keep reading as we show you 5 ways to make your generator less noisy.

5 Ways to Make Your Generator More Quiet

1. Face exhaust pipe away from you

The engine of the generator is responsible for the noise it makes and this engine usually has an exhaust pipe at the end. Facing the exhaust pipe away from you can help to shift the noise in a different direction. This can make the generator sound less noisy. 

2. Replace your generator’s muffler

Fixing a bigger muffler can make your generator more quiet.

A muffler’s job is to silence the sound coming from the exhaust of the generator and reduce exhaust emissions. This muffler is connected to the exhaust and is designed to reduce sound waves that exit the pipe from the engine. 

Changing the muffler to a bigger-sized muffler can help in reducing the sound of your generator by up to 10 decibels. Ensure that you speak with a professional to help you choose a suitable muffler. 

3. Build an acoustic enclosure around 

Generator with acoustic enclosure

An acoustic enclosure could be a silencer box made of wood or a small room with walls. This works by containing the sound produced and drastically lowering the noise from the generator. 

An acoustic enclosure works better when the inside of the enclosure is padded with sound-dampening materials such as foam. Moreso, it is also important to create small openings that will face the opposite direction of where you are. This will allow proper airflow and prevent damage to your generator. 

4. Keep it at a far distance 

Keep generator far from the home.

Keeping your generator at a far distance from where you are can be all the trick you need to hear less of your generator. A distance of about 20 feet or more will be great but you have to keep your neighbours in mind. Make sure you are not making any neighbours uncomfortable. 

Remember that you may need to get extra long extension cords or you’ll be stuck with having your generator close by. 

5. Place the generator on a soft surface

Finding a good distance is important to make your generator more quiet. The surface it is placed on can however affect how quiet or noisy it will sound. It is better to avoid placing your generator on hard surfaces like wood or concrete to prevent the noise from being amplified.

Softer surfaces will help absorb and dampen the sound. Anti-vibration mounts are a good option. Absorbing materials such as rubber and spring mounts can help dampen the noise. This depends on the decibel level you want to achieve. If you are camping while enjoying some luxury travel trends, placing your generator on grass can help make your generator quieter. 

Soft surfaces can make your generator more quiet.

Final words

You can get up to a 10-decibel reduction in noise if you soundproof your generator using these tips. Of course, your generator will not become completely silent like an empty room but you’ll be able to enjoy having a far less noisy generator comparable to a humming sound.

Some brand-new generators also come with noise-blocking features. You can find a list of the best here.

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