Tree trimming ladders

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Using tree trimming ladders is a great way to get the job done safely. A tree that’s too high for the average person to climb is actually relatively easy for a tall, experienced professional to manage with a ladder. Tree trimmers will often use one of these handy tools when they need to clean up or prune branches across power lines, or simply trim back limbs that have grown too close to your home.

Tree trimming ladders

The best tree trimming ladders are also relatively inexpensive, pointing to the fact that most individuals don’t need or want to spend a fortune on a ladder. Before you start shopping for a ladder, here is a list of ladders suitable for trimming trees.

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Ladders for Tree Trimming

There are a variety of Ladder types that could be effective for tree trimming use. Any one of these types could work for your needs. The main thing to consider is the height, weight, and stability of the ladder. The purpose, size, and type of ladder play a role as well.

1. Step Ladder

A step ladder is great for trimming trees and cleaning windows. The small size makes it easy to carry and store. This is another ladder that you can also carry in your trunk for emergencies. They are usually constructed from lightweight aluminium and have a few steps at the most.

Tree trimming step ladders

This is probably the most common type of ladder used for trimming. If a tree is right next to your house, then you probably need a short ladder. The small size of this ladder will make it easier to reach the top of the tree.

2. Straight Ladder

The straight ladder looks like a typical ladder that is leaning against a wall. They are extremely stable and sturdy. They have a wide, sturdy base that makes it more difficult to topple over. These ladders usually come in sizes of 5 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft., etc.

This ladder is a great size for those taller trees. If you choose this type of ladder, be sure to have a strong, sturdy brace on one side or the other. This will prevent it from tipping over. 

Straight ladder

3. Extension Ladder

These ladders have a set of feet that are bolted to the rungs. The feet on one side of the ladder make it possible to reach higher branches and then it folds up against the wall when not in use.

These ladders are really sturdy and they give you a lot of room to stretch and climb. They are heavier and longer than other types of ladders. This is a great option for taller trees and reaching high places.

Extension ladders

4. Tripod Ladder

Some tree trimming ladders offer supports in the form of three legs and a brace. This gives the climber three points of stability and more room to work. They are also very stable and are great for reaching high areas.

The tripod ladders are less common but they can work very well. Be sure that you have a good brace on one side of the ladder to prevent it from tipping over. 

 tripod ladder

5. Combination Ladders

Combination ladders are best for reaching both high and low areas. They are constructed from two different types of ladders. The top rungs could be straight or ladder-like and the bottom rungs could be steps or can be ladder-like.

This is a fairly new type of ladder that can be used to reach high trees and even clean off gutters and windows. They are constructed from aluminium, making them lightweight and easy to carry.

Additional Features

Some ladders have features to help them stay stable and steady. For instance, some models have rubberized feet that can help prevent the ladder from slipping and sliding. Other models have thick rungs that are made from nylon or similar material. These rungs are used to prevent the ladder from tipping backwards.

Safety Tips for Trimming

As with anything, common sense should never be neglected when you are using a ladder. Here are a few safety tips to follow.

  • Always wear safety glasses and a hard hat when you are climbing a ladder.
  • A footrest or brace is another good safety feature to have on every ladder. This will help prevent your feet from slipping and falling.
  • Wear hearing protection while you are on the ladder. This will help protect your ears from the loud noise produced by chainsaws.
  • Always be sure the ladder is placed against a solid object that will prevent it from tipping.
  • Ladders should be chosen to fit the type and height of your trees. Be sure they are wide enough, tall enough, and sturdy enough to support your weight.
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for weights and heights.
  • Keep your hands, arms, and legs securely on the ladder at all times.
  • Before you climb onto a smaller ladder, make sure it is stable.
  • Never stand on the top two rungs of a ladder.
  • Be sure to adjust the ladder to the proper height for your job. Never lean over the top of a ladder or reach from the side of a ladder.


Trimming and cutting trees is a great way to make yard maintenance easier. However, it might be impractical to trim every single tree in your yard. Instead, you can opt for a professional tree trimming service that has the right equipment and expertise to trim even the most difficult trees with ease.

The right equipment and expertise are a must when trimming trees. Don’t try to do it yourself if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.

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