What is the Best Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment?

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If there are ever times when you need to clear a path on the sidewalk, there are some unique pieces of equipment that will help make this task much easier. This blog post will teach you all about the best sidewalk snow removal equipment and strategies to ensure that your sidewalk is safe in winter.

What is the Best Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment?

What makes sidewalk snow removal equipment and strategies so important are the dangers that come with it. In the snow, you could be unprepared for the weight of heavy coats and other items that can cause slips and falls. This also applies to business owners as having snow-filled sidewalks and parkways are customer deterrents.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment

There are so many different items to help remove snow and ice from your sidewalk. This section will go through the equipment you’ll need to clear snow, how to use it, and some best practices in its usage.

1. Snow Shovels

Almost everyone has had to use a shovel in their lives. It is the most basic of all tools and will generally do the trick if you have snow that is light or wet. Snow removal is one thing but you also need to be careful so as not to damage your sidewalk with a shovel. A common mistake people make when using a shovel is digging straight down in the snow, which can cause cracking in sidewalks or concrete.

When digging with a snow shovel, try and angle the blade at around ten degrees. Also, you’ll want to dig parallel to the sidewalk as much as possible. This will prevent sharp edges and winter cracks, which can cause injuries in snowy weather.

What is the Best Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment - Snow shovels

2. Snowblowers

Snowblowers are a unique piece of equipment for your sidewalk snow removal arsenal. They can be a huge time saver if you have a lot of work to do or live in an area where snow is common each winter.

Snowblowers are a bit more complex and heavy when compared to shovels. This includes the amount of time it takes to start and warm up, but also the trouble of emptying snow as you cannot use a regular snow removal system.

What is the Best Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment - Snowblowers

However, snowblowers are a great way to go and will make all of your life easier when it comes to snow removal. When buying the machine you may want to consider that there is another side effect. Snowblowers can create a lot of noise and may disturb neighbors or customers if they are nearby.

Snowblowers may be among the best sidewalk snow removal equipment when it comes to clearing heavy amounts of snow from sidewalks and driveways.

3. Snowplows


Snow removal equipment can be expensive. If you have a large amount of snow to clear, you will want to invest in a snow plow. With this piece of equipment, you are able to remove snow on bigger areas, such as parking lots and driveways.

Snow plows are also 5-10 times more expensive than your average shovel or snowblower. Snowplows can start at around $500 but can cost thousands of dollars depending on the size and engine power that it has.

There are a few different types to choose from and each has its own pros and cons. The first type of snow plow is the push style. You push it along the sidewalk, it collects the snow, and then you place it off to the side when you’re done clearing. It does have some cons such as having to pick up each pile of snow independently, but many people like this for its simplicity.

The second type is the drawing style. You pull it with your vehicle and then push it with a special shovel attached to the front of it. Draws are usually easier to use and less time-consuming, though they can be harder to manage while pushing as they are pulled by your truck or trailer driver. 

4. Snow Brushes

Brushes can be used in combination with even other pieces of equipment. There are a few different types available, though the two main brush types are sidewalk sweepers and snow shovels.

A sidewalk sweeper is a broom on full-length wheels and is often electrically powered. It is pulled behind a vehicle in order to clean the snow and dirt from the pavement. These are very popular for parking lots as well as large sidewalks, though not for smaller areas such as individual driveways or sidewalks. They are good for clearing steps, ledges, and landings or for use on small sidewalks.

5. Hot water

Hot water is another effective way to remove snow from walkways, particularly wet or light snow. If you were to pour hot water directly onto your sidewalk it would melt the snow right away. This may be a good method to clear snow from your walkway and sidewalk but you must be careful because it can get hot, which can cause injuries.

6. Snow melt products

Snow melting products are another good way to remove snow from walkways and concrete. Many people use chemicals that are similar to rock salt and spread them on their sidewalks and driveways. It melts the snow but will also damage concrete if you use it too often.

The best sidewalk snow removal strategies will follow a variety of methods for different problems in your area or for certain times of the year. Some of the most important things to remember when snow removal is to check with your local municipality to see where they recommend you do it. Also, make sure that you try and stay on the sidewalks when clearing snow, as it can be dangerous if either you or your vehicle is away from them. This can cause an injury if the snow accumulates on the road and then slides into a parking lot or ditch.

7. Salt spreaders:  

These are used for applying salt on the surface that you want to clear before you use another type of equipment to clear off the snow. They’re best used when the temperature is above 20 degrees. They’re also good for clearing off existing snow before applying grit on top of it.

They can be used with salt, sand, or grit to clear sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. You’ll need to make sure that the unit isn’t overloaded and is able to tolerate the small amount of wear that you can expect from salt spreaders.

They can be used for light powdery snow and for wet packed or newly fallen snow. They are well suited for ice or iced-over snow because the holes in the blades help to melt it before it falls back on top of the snow that is being removed.

salt spreader

Sidewalk salt spreaders are beneficial if you have a lot of snow to remove on a regular basis. They’re very good at removing light and heavy amounts of powdery snow. They can also be used to remove ice and ice over snow.

If you want something that can handle a little more than just snow removal, there are options to choose from. Some combine a sidewalk snow removal unit with a leaf blower or more and will give you the option to change them out.

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What is the best sidewalk snow removal equipment?

The best sidewalk snow removal equipment is relative. it is dependent on the amount of snow, the width of your sidewalk, and the kind of snow.

Large sidewalks will require a snow blower while smaller ones are better suited for shovels. When picking equipment you also need to think about how much time you will be spending clearing the snow.

If you are using a large machine, it can take a lot of time to get it ready, warm up and do the heavy lifting. If you just have a small path in front of your business, then this is not applicable to you.


As you can see, choosing the best sidewalk snow removal equipment will depend on what you have to work with and how much time you are willing to spend clearing it. If you have a lot of snow to clear, then your best option is a large machine. However, if you only have a small area that needs clearing, then an electric shovel will be the best option for you.

These types of machines can be very dangerous if you do not use them correctly or if you don’t know how to use them. Before you start clearing off your sidewalk, it’s important that you wear the appropriate safety gear for your area and for the type of machinery that you’re using.

If there is a lot of snow on your walkway, then it is best to clean it as soon as possible so that it does not become a hazard. You should do this quickly and efficiently before it hardens.

Snow removal tools are available for every season and should be available to use every year.

It’s always important to wear the proper safety equipment whenever you’re outside working. There are certain times of the year when you need to be more careful than others. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re making safer choices and that your equipment is in good shape before you get started.

With this information, you should be able to make an informed decision about which option is best for your needs and what will give you the most value for your money.

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