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What is the purpose of a car’s sunroof?


“A sunroof gives the car a new dimension,” explains Philipp von Sahr, chairman of BMW India. “It provides people with a skyline view, maintains the car air, and lets the sunshine in, giving the impression of open space.”

Panoramic glass roofs have more prevalent in modern cars, and many drivers prefer them. It’s also obvious why they’re so popular. There are several advantages: more natural light, greater sightseeing opportunities, a less enclosed sense, and even the chance to stargaze at night.

Panoramic sunroofs, on the other hand, are not without their negatives, since they can reduce the car’s usability and potentially increase its operating expenses. Continue reading to learn more about if a pan roof is perfect for you.

Panoramic sunroofs exist in a number of different forms, but they are all big rectangular glass panes that span the majority of the length of a car’s top. We say ‘usually’ because there are a few outliers, like Tesla’s panoramic windscreen, which merges a windscreen and a sunroof into one large piece of glass that bends up and over the front seats.

Some panoramic roofs, on the other hand, cover both the front and rear seat zones, and some even have the ability to open, similar to a regular sunroof.

These extra-long and accessible panoramic roofs are normally divided into two glass parts, one of which is permanent and the other of which may slide and tilt open. Such roofs are quite appealing, but they are more difficult to construct, thus they often cost more than lesser fixed panoramic roofs.

Regardless matter the style of glass roof a car has, the majority of them come with a blind to block the sun out. Electronic blinds are available on some vehicles, like the Kia Optima, while others involve physical control to open or close.

On expensive cars from companies like Mercedes, pop-up wind louvers that go out to the front side of the plate left by an extended sunroof are prevalent. They emerge when the cabin’s roof is opened and are intended to lessen wind noise.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a high-end vehicle to acquire a glass roof. There are a variety of manufacturers and models with panoramic roofs that should meet your needs.

Pros of a panoramic sunroof


Added brightness

This is One of the most significant advantages of a panorama it enables more light into the vehicle’s interior – so when blinds are opened, of course. A panorama glass roof can make a car’s interior feel larger. Some even suggest that a brightened cabin can help drivers and passengers feel better.

Additional ventilation

On hot or extremely sunny days, automobiles with opening panorama roofs provide an effective technique for ventilation of the interior. Because heat rises, opening the roof is an excellent way to allow hot cabin air out. Similarly, when driving, raising a glass roof reduces wind noise compared to opening windows, allowing you to enjoy your preferred dance floor fill more freely. Furthermore, keeping the

windows shut to allow for more fresh air to enter the vehicle while also deterring little children from throwing stuff out the window.

Increased visibility

Increased visibility One of the most important features of any window is that it enables users to see who’s on the other end. Panoramic roofs allow the occupants of an automobile to see considerably more when it is parked. They can also ensure that you don’t scrape the top if you’re driving a very tall automobile into an area with low ceilings, such as a multi-story parking garage.

Extra panache

Panoramic roofs are frequently tinted, with the glass appearing darker than standard windows. Not only will this protect cabin occupants from direct sunlight, but it will also provide the car with a sleek and athletic appearance, especially if the automobile is colored in a lighter contrasted tint, like white or silvery.

Cons of the panoramic sunroof

Added weight

 Glass is heavy, and adding a huge panel to the roof of a car adds to the weight. Because the car is carrying greater weight, this has a detrimental influence on both fuel economy and performance.

Extra complication

Any pan roof adds complexity to a plain metal roof, which implies there is more possibility for problems to occur. Sunroofs can also increase the likelihood of a leak, though frequently cleaning the outside of a car can help prevent this by keeping dirt and vegetation from accumulating and stopping water from flowing normally.

Added expense

A panoramic roof, as a desirable feature, can raise the price of a car, whether new or secondhand. This is particularly true with new vehicles, where a glass roof may price an extra £1,000 or £2,000 depending on the model. A panoramic sunroof, for example, costs four figures.

There is less headroom.

The addition of a glass roof can limit interior headroom, which is especially visible in the rear seats for taller passengers.

The advantages of having a glass in your vehicle


Nowadays, it is normal to observe children peering out of the windows of their cars.  A sunroof, on the other hand, is much more than a luxurious feature of a vehicle. Joe King, President of Audi India, adds, “It allows exactly the appropriate amount of air and sunlight to make driving joyful.” “By providing adequate ventilation and avoiding draughts, it enhances the interior climate.”


Many people, especially children, are unsure how unsafe it is to pose with the roof open. The window has shattered on several occasions. They are safe, even for children, according to Kaushik Madhavan, director, automobile and transportation, Frost & Sullivan, a consultancy firm.

The distinctions between a panoramic and a standard sunroof

Sunroof with a panoramic view

  • Not always possible to open
  • Heavy: has the potential to reduce fuel economy and performance.

Typical sunroof

  • Always accessible 
  • Usually has a minor effect on fuel efficiency and performance levels.

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