Why does my House have wet walls after it rains


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Homes are an investment, lifelong one for that matter, so taking care of them is our utmost priority, and they having issues is not a cool concept especially when the said problem is wet walls, and today in this article we would be exploring the rather hot question ’why does my house have wet walls after it rains’

penetrating damp

Wet walls or as it technically referred to, Penetrating Damp is a problematic condition and one of the biggest issues of structural failures if left unchecked.

. There are many reasons why your house might have the horrible issue of penetrating damp, which can be caused by a variety of things such as missing or damaged DPC (Damp Proof Course) but if in the further course of things, you discover that the wet walls issuer occurs more commonly after rain, then penetrating damp is your issue.

What is Penetrating Damp exactly?

penetrating damp

Although it has, a fancy name Penetrating damp is just water moving from your external walls or holes in your carpentry into your house and is quite annoying considering that it ruins aesthetics and everything considering house design. Its most popular symptom is wet walls that are most noticeable after heavy rainfall and it occurs mostly in solid brick construction and houses without an insulating cavity.

If you have gutters that are broken or wrongly installed, it can help contribute to the penetrating damp issue, does the reverse of its job, and direct water to your wall instead of away. If you happen to have cracked or broken brickwork, or window work, then penetrating damp is a serious concern, as they would bring water to your walls.


When is Penetrating Damp Common?

Although there are a lot of variables that affect it, there are some predictable characteristics of penetrating damp, such as that it has a higher tendency to happen on exterior walls where the ground level is above the interior walls making it easy for moisture to avoid the DPC and move from the exterior to interior surfaces.

There are some important things to consider in this situation, such as the fact that the tiniest crack in your home can turn into a big issue once penetrating damp kicks in and create serious issues.

 It is actually hard to detect the exact cause and location of your penetrating dampness to the untrained eye hiring a professional to look around is the best advice for you if you have any issue of wet walls in your house to identify the location.

Signs of Penetrating Damp

As I said before, it is quite hard to detect and understand when your house or home is having penetrating dampness; there are some tell-tale signs that are associated with penetrating damp that you can use to understand.

Read them below to be alert;

  • You would start noticing Wet patches on walls that grow in size when it rains or showers
  • You would also notice Damp patches on parts of your walls.
  • Your wall would start to Peel wallpaper or paint leading to some disgusting aesthetics.
  • Your plaster would start to crumble and blister leaving your brickwork exposed alongside some disgusting Black mound on walls.

Do not conclude that it’s penetrating damp after seeing these signs, these are just to make sure you are alert, you must speak with a professional to properly understand and identify if it’s penetrating damp.

penetrating damp

Dangers of Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp poses serious issues to your house and must be resolved fast otherwise it could lead to horrific structural conditions such as;

  • An aggravated Wet rot issue
  • An also aggravated Dry rot issue
  • Various Structural problems that could lead to partial or full collapse of building
  • It can cause Mold growth on walls and can give ruse to Salt in your building.
  • It can cause decay of your woodwork leading to collapse.

Penetrating damp can cause your home to become a deathtrap if left uncatered to, so treat any wet wall in your house as a very serious issue

How to Prevent Penetrating Damp

You must have been properly introduced to the whole penetrating damp issue now; the next step is how to prevent said things from happening in your home and guarantee a very successful home living condition.

Some of these amazing preventive measures include:

  • Regularly opening windows : This is actually a very good technique that makes sure that air circulates through your house and dries the damp air in your house  while improving  AIR QUALITY
  • An extractor for your bathroom and kitchen. it is wise to install an extractor fan to aid the eradication of excess steam and moisture in the air which drastically reduces the risk of condensation.
  • Proper POSTIONONINNG OF furniture: properly positioning your furniture and putting them away from radiators will ensure that hot air isn’t trapped under your furniture.


We hope you enjoyed reading through the article, we hope you find it informative and written to your taste, and we hope we included every bit of information that is necessary for tackling it in your house.

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