Do I need a Knoblock if I have a deadbolt?


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Securing your home is your biggest priority when you eventually get a living space, and with the vast array of housing locks that are available, you might be asking, “do I need a Knoblock if I have a deadbolt?”, TODAY WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU GET AN ANSER TO THAT

do i need a knoblock if i have a deadolt

Well, that is the essence of today’s article as we would explore each of them in detail and figure out the right one for your home and if exactly you need them.

The answer of your question, ‘do I need a knob lock if a have a deadbolt’ is no, a deadbolt can offer you a great degree of protection as long as it’s installed correctly so there is no need to go through the stressful process of going for yet another type of door lock.

Let us start by exploring what a deadbolt is and what a Knoblock is too to clearly dissect what the two are and help clear your confusion.

What is a deadbolt exactly?

do i need a knoblock if i have a deadbolt

A deadbolt lock is a lock that is operated with a key and comprised of a “square” shaped latch as a tell-tale recognizable sign of its nature. The deadbolt is actually loved and accepted wholly by people everywhere because they offer superior levels of protection over doorknobs and various other security lever counterparts of equal security rating and are rated quite high in the security world. Now the deadbolt is quite different from the doorknob locks or knob locks and often come in either single cylinder or double-sided versions. The major difference between these two is that  Single-cylinder deadbolts have a lock on the outside of the door with a keyhole and a flip turn on the inside whereas Double-sided deadbolts are two locks, the single ones are more popular with the double-sided ones installed in businesses instead and houses where locks are near windows.

Another quite interesting difference between Double-sided deadbolts and single cylinder deadbolts is that the former can be locked or unlocked from the inside with a thumb-turn device, and must be operated with keys from either side thus making it more secure than the latter.

do i need a knoblock if i have a deadbolt

Please note that the double-sided deadbolts are not just one lock but are two separate locks that are fitted on both the inside and the outside, with a flip turn on the inside. This is the reason for their increased cost.

However, for fire-related concerns, you should not use a deadbolt in a fire exit, as those who are seeking to exit a burning building cannot escape a deadbolt because they do not have keys to unlock the door from the inside out and this leads to them being trapped in the building.  

Deadbolts are advised to be used frequently on business doors and home front doors near a glass entry, like burglars, often break a window and reach inside to unlock a lock which is virtually impossible With double-sided deadbolts installed as intruders can’t operate locks if they reach inside, even if they get their hand through a broken window. Most homeowners and businesses rely on a deadbolt lock to keep them secure from intruders. So if your Home has only a doorknob or door lever lock as its door lock, then you are advised to get yourself a deadbolt as its much more effective at doing the security work for you.

What are Knoblocks Exactly?

These are doorknobs that are equipped with an internal lock, or a device that fits over an existing doorknob and makes it impossible to turn the knob in any direction, it has a quite simple working procedure but it’s an effective mechanism, you may be confused what this has to do with your question of ‘do I need a Knoblock if I have a deadbolt’?.  Explaining them would help you make the decision effectively, now a knob lock is an effective mechanism to make homes, offices, and commercial buildings safe from unauthorized entry, they have the capability of keeping children from harm if installed correctly.

In the different types of locking knobs for doors, two types are common, the key doorknob lock, which is the one you, might be most popular with, and its mechanism is an internal lock that works with a key into the lock component and the key is then turned to unlock the door.  

The other type of knoblock is the twist lock which doesn’t need a key for its working process but actually uses a hidden knob in the middle of the doorknob that is turned left or right to lock or unlock the door easily, most of the time, these type of doorknobs are used for private bedrooms and bathrooms and residential areas.

The iconic doorknob also has an electric version, which is used mostly in hotels where a key card is presented to a scanner. This is best suited for guest security as the scanner is reset after each room has been vacated.

The knoblock is designed to fit over a doorknob drastically increasing its hidden feature, the knoblock comes available in a variety of materials and forms with some plastic and resin types available for sale to the public. Now the only exception to my earlier verdict about your question of, ‘do I need a knoblock if I have a deadbolt’ is if you have children that you want to restrict their house exploring, a knoblock can be installed that would still allow you free movement through your building.


We hope you found the article quite informative and I hope it answered your question of ‘do I need a knoblock if I have a deadbolt. Feel free to connect with us through the comment section to express your views on the matter. Feel free to go through the other articles on this website to get more amazing content like this, stay safe our treasured readers.

Written By: William Nnamdiyah Nwokoji


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