Walk In Refrigerator For Home: A Walk Through Overview

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Walk-in refrigerators are a step higher than conventional freezers. A refrigerator is one thing that’s a necessity in every home. It’s primarily used to store food. 

According to research, the global walk-in coolers market size is expected to be worth about $5.92 billion in 2022. This shows that they are becoming more popular because they can store large products. Thus, many wealthy people are deciding to install them in their homes. 

This option is a dream come true for those looking for both ease and elegance. Apart from food storage, the walk-in refrigerator can help enhance the home’s aesthetic.

So in this blog post, we will discuss things you need to know concerning built-in refrigerators. 

Types Of Walk-in Freezers

a. Built-In Freezer

This type of cooler is constructed with a highly insulated wall and structural tiles on the floors and walls. They can be manufactured to your exact specifications. And come in different sizes, as many manufacturers let you pick your specification.

So they can be manufactured to fit into your home, making them a more popular option for personal use and many food service enterprises. They are considered expensive initially because of the cost of acquiring one, but they are less expensive in the long run. One disadvantage it has is that it cannot be moved or changed that easily. 

This is an example of a built in refrigerator.

b. Pre-fabricated Walk-In Fridge

These are simple, adaptable cooling units with urethane panels. And they come in different sizes. 

Existing storage areas can be turned into walk-in coolers with the right refrigeration equipment, like insulating panels. 

Pre-fabs are either put together on-site or at the manufacturer’s facility. Unlike the counterpart, they don’t require so much money for the installation. Also, they are less durable than the ones that are built in. 

When you have purchased one, you may need to rearrange some items in your kitchen to make room for your walk-in freezer units. Unless you prefer outdoor installation. And with this type of cooler, you can easily add more storage space later on when necessary. An edge it has over the built-in is that it can easily be moved around. 

This picture represents a re-fabricated walk in fridge.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Walk-in Refrigeration system.

There are certain factors to consider before choosing a walk-in fridge. They are as follows:

1. Size 

When acquiring a walk-in cooler, one of the first decisions you must make is what size. This should be determined by the space you have. 

2. Ventilation 

It must have enough room to allow for proper air circulation for it to function efficiently. It is expected that the distance between the exterior of your walk-in, the walls, and the ceilings of your building should be at least 1 inch. And when using a compressor, at least 2 inches should be between the top and the ceiling.

3. Delivery And Installation 

You must be ready for the delivery process when you decide to purchase walk-in refrigeration systems to ensure a seamless installation.  

You must ensure to make room before the delivery day so that the people installing it can be able to carry the panels to the installation area.

4. Warranty

This is one thing you must consider when buying a built-in cooler. Appliances can occasionally malfunction, so you should be prepared for such occasions. 

Before making a purchase, you should consider getting a good warranty. And you should know that warranties vary among manufacturers. So you need to be aware of the manufacturer’s warranty you decide to purchase.

Advantages Of Walk-in Coolers

There are many advantages of a walk-in refrigerator. Let’s take a look at some of them.

i. Spacious Storage Area

They are generally bigger than regular coolers. This makes them appealing to many people. These refrigerators come in various sizes, from 15 cubic feet to more than 400,000 square feet. 

Those who store many perishable goods will benefit most from its large storage space.

There are times when supermarkets have flash sales and discount offers. And many people like to go on shopping sprees during these periods.

At such times, those who have only a regular cooler will not have enough space to store everything they purchase, unlike people that have walk-ins.

This attribute of a walk-in refrigerator enables people to purchase items in large quantities. 

ii. Sophisticated Means of Storing Food

Walk in refrigerator provides a sophisticated means of storing items. Some people decide to have their walk-in refrigerator fit into their personality or style.

Their kitchen’s design as a whole, including their walk-in refrigerator, can be made to complement their decor. And manufacturers are ready to customize to your specifications. 

iii. Consistent Climate-Controlled Storage Space

People have different preferences. Some prefer to view the contents of their walk-in refrigerator without necessarily opening the cabinet. 

This is especially crucial if things in the cooler must be kept at a specific temperature with little to no variation. So to build a window on the doors of walk-in coolers or freezers, manufacturers use insulated glass. 

By doing this, people can see the things that are stored inside without having to open the door and alter the temperature inside.

iv. Ideal for Food Lovers and Passionate Home Cooks

For people who enjoy cooking, a walk-in refrigerator or freezer is a priceless possession.

Because it has a lot of storage space, it is easy to categorize and arrange the items properly. Individuals with refrigerator doors that have glass windows can decide to delight their guests by showing them the contents of the storage room. 

Can you picture inviting a few guests over and showing them the meats, vegetables, and herbs in your fridge? Some people derive pleasure when they artistically present their food to people because they understand its appeal and beauty.

Cleaning Tips 

Let’s look at some cleaning tips that will keep your walk-in refrigerator clean.

1. Clean With Warm Soapy Water 

Warm soapy water is generally good for cleaning. Manufacturers also recommend the use. Clean with a damp mop. 

Then for cleaning the condenser, you are required to clean it at least once every three months. 

2. Use A Wire Brush 

A wire brush is necessary when cleaning a condenser’s fins. This is because it can have a collection of dust and dirt particles attached to them. 

3. Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is needed to remove loose particles in the refrigerator.

4. Door Seals

If you want your walk-in refrigerator to last longer, then you need to make sure the door seals are clean. Clean using warm soapy water.

5. Gasket

Clean up any dirt or dust that accumulates around the gaskets.

Walk In Accessories

a. Strip Curtains

You can maintain a chosen temperature and conserve energy using strip curtains. They preserve your frozen foods by preventing cold air in the walk-in.

This is a typical walk in cooler strip curtain.

b. Shelving

Adding shelves to your walk-in closet can improve your storage space. It enables people to keep items in the fridge above the ground. Also, a shelving system will allow air to flow around the refrigerated products.

This is a walk in cooler with shelves.

c. Supplemental Air Circulation System

An air circulation system can supplement the compressor of a walk-in cooler. It enables it to draw in cold air when the outside temperature is lower than the interior temperature. 

d. Ramps

Ramps are of immense help for bringing carts into the walk-in unit.

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e. Thermometers

You can monitor the inside temperature of your walk-in cooler using thermometers. To ensure that the interior is kept at a constant temperature always, you can decide to add multiple thermometers in strategic places.

Also, you can decide to use a data logger. A data logger records your walk-in temperature and humidity levels at predetermined intervals. 

The tool then arranges the information into a spreadsheet that can be downloaded to your computer, accessed online, and presented to a health inspector. 

Using a data logger provides more accurate and convenient data tracking than relying on manual logging, which is prone to error. 

f. Alarm Systems

New models of walk-in freezers come with alarm systems that alert the owner when things go out of control. 

For instance, the alarm will go off to alert you that the door needs to be closed if it is left open for an extended period. 

And when an unexpected temperature rises, the device will send out a signal. Some of them are built to call or text you if there’s anything that requires your attention. 

g. Non-Skid Tape

The floor of a walk-in refrigerator can get slippery, but you can simply fix this by applying non-skid tape to prevent slipping.

Take Away

From this blog post, we have seen that these freezers are priceless possessions for homeowners, especially those who buy large quantities of food. If you can afford it, avail yourself of the benefits of owning one.

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