What Is The Difference Between Bathroom And Restroom?


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bathroom with mirror and a bath tub with a sink

What is the difference between bathroom and restroom? The difference between bathroom and restroom is pretty simple if you ask me. A bathroom is a room where people go to get clean and freshen up, while a restroom is where people go when they need to use the toilet or urinal. These are two different places, which might seem like they should be interchangeable terms but aren’t exactly the same.

The bathroom is a room where one has a bath or shower. You may also find toilets in this room. It all depends on the size of the house you’re talking about. Smaller houses just have one bathroom and larger ones often have more than one . However, if you want to be more specific about what is going on when somebody takes a bath, it’s probably best to refer to it as their “bathroom”.

A restroom is a room that has toilets. The room may or may not be separated from the rest of the place by doors. It is generally easier to just open a door and visit one when it’s needed, though sometimes there are cubicles with doors for privacy.

History of bathroom and restroom

The word “bathroom” is actually a direct translation of the French word “bain”, which means “a place to bathe”. The word “restroom” is a combination of the words “rest” and “room”. The first word has its origin from the Latin ‘recessus’ which means an opening in a wall or floor. The second word originates from German, where it was called ‘Raum’, which means ‘space’.

It seems that people are just more comfortable using the word “bathroom”, so it is unlikely that we’ll ever see the day where the words bathroom and restroom are often used interchangeably. I guess that we’ll have to learn how to say “bathroom” instead.

As for bathrooms and restrooms, they are not the same.

Yes, you are correct to say, bathroom and restroom are not the same. I guess you can avoid another “what” moment and explain it in simple terms. In your house, there is a toilet and a shower. A toilet is for peeing, but when we talk about toilets here we also mean urinals and bidets. A shower is for rinsing off after getting wet or taking a bath or shower; in this case we also mean toilets but if you want to be exact about it then we use the word “bathroom”.

When you visit somebody’s house, if you see the word bathroom on the door, it means there’s a toilet in that room. A restroom is usually used for visitors who are just there to pee. The restrooms are separated by dividers or walls and this is done to maintain privacy. There are also restrooms that have individual urinals without any walls or dividers. It is usually for guests who are not very clean.

You are right! Bathroom and restroom are not the same. I guess it’s really important to listen well if you want to know what other people are talking about. A bathroom is a room where people go to bathe. The bathroom is for washing ones’ body after taking bath in the morning. Restroom is for situations involving urination and defecation of faeces.

A word has been changed from “bathroom” to “restroom”. Perhaps now, if you wanted to be more specific about what was going on when somebody took a bath or shower, you could say that they were in their bathroom.

a public restroom with toilets

Conventionally, a bathroom has a bath, a toilet and hot and cold water. A restroom is for people who want to pee. If you want to be more specific about it, you can say that the other person is in his or her bathroom. Bathrooms are usually found in private homes and if somebody tells you they have one, it means they live in a house with four walls around it.

A restroom is generally something like an alcove with just a toilet or urinal without any walls separating the cubicle from other toilets or urinals that are built next to it. They are commonly found in restaurants , hotels , offices, airports , police stations and other public places.

What if the difference between bathroom and restroom?

While both a restroom and a bathroom are rooms with toilets, that is not the only difference between the two terms. A bathroom is also a room where one goes to take baths and showers. Some bathrooms are very large and spacious while others are on the small side.

A restroom is usually fairly small, it is basically just a place where you can go to urinate or defecate. They also often have sinks in them, which bathrooms sometimes do not. Restrooms are usually much smaller than bathrooms; one could say that they are not really rooms at all but rather just alcoves or stalls of some sort.

What is the difference between bathroom and restroom?

A bathroom may contain a sink, shower or bathtub while restrooms typically have plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks on their wall used as a hand basin or wash basin. It is a place which has bathing facility that could be a bathtub, a shower or an enclosure meant for bathing. They are also equipped with mirrors and lights

On the other hand, a rest room usually connotes a public facility having a toilet. It is a euphemism used as a polite substitute to refer to the toilet. This room also contains a washbasin with water supply and drainage facilities in one place.

A bathroom has showers, baths and wash basins, while restrooms have toilets and sinks, but sometimes there are no sinks in restrooms. The main features that differentiate the two are the presence of toilets only in restrooms or bathrooms make use of both toilet facilities as well as bathing facilities.

The definition of each of these terms will help you differentiate them from one another in conversation and would help you use the right term while conversing with others. The term can also refer to such a chamber type in general, often including other fixtures (e.g., bidet , toilet ).

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In terms of fittings and fixtures, a bathroom has installations that are meant for bathing such as hot and cold showers and faucets, mirrors, soap holders, and so on. Bathrooms also have a cabinet for towels and other clothes. A toilet is the basic unit in any restroom and is usually placed in a separate room, meaning it can only be used if there’s no reason to use the bathroom elsewhere.

Restrooms also have a sink installed in such a room. They also have cabinets for tissues, soap and other personal items. However, restrooms don’t always have a cabinet for towels, as these may be provided by the operator of the facility. Likewise, showers are not present in every restroom; some are equipped with them while others aren’t.

A restroom is usually smaller in size and can only accommodate one person at a time. While most restrooms in buildings are private, it isn’t unheard of for them to be found in public places as well (for example in some grocery stores ).

The difference between bathroom and restroom is quite vast. If you want to understand the subtle difference between these two words, you must study their meanings, their history and how the terms came about.

In turn, this will help you to be able to use the correct term when talking about it. It is not an easy task because both these terms are similar yet different at times. The terms are often confused with one another, which is understandable as they do look almost identical at times.

People often mix up these two words together when they’re tired and running late , which in turn makes them take longer trying to figure out what’s proper to say in certain cases or topics.

The differences between bathroom and restroom are small, but enough to confuse many people. Knowing the difference between these two terms will be very helpful in saying the right thing if you’re confused about what term to use when speaking in conversations with others.


A restroom is used when you have to go the toilet or use it to wash your hands after an activity such as cleaning, cooking or eating. A bathroom is a larger room which can accommodate more than one user at a time and also contains a bathtub, shower and sauna. What is confusing about this is that some restrooms are also called bathrooms.

However, some stadiums have designated washrooms – often with push-button flush toilets – for fans who want privacy. Also, many restaurants, a growing number of bookstores, and other businesses have unisex facilities for customers because it is becoming socially acceptable for men to use these washrooms.

In many places such as shopping malls, shopping centers and large department stores , there are private rooms with sinks where a person can wash their hands without having to go into the restroom if they don’t need to use the bathroom. This helps reduce spread of bacteria and germs in the restroom.

The two terms are often confused with one another and seem to be merely different ways of saying the same thing. It’s not enough that you can make out the difference between them, you also need to know how to use them when speaking in conversation.

public restroom with mirrors

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