How to fix rusted grill bottom


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Having rust on your grill is not a pleasant thing, so I will show you how to remove rust from Grill in this article. Removing rust from Grill is not a difficult task as it does not need toxic materials and strenuous activities to remove. Rust cleaning can be done with non-toxic materials. I will show you materials one can use to clean off the rust from Grills like Vinegar, salt, baking soda, lemon juice, etc.


How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Grains

Most grills nowadays are made from Stainless Steel and other metals. Too much of outdoor exposure is one of the major reasons for the rusting of Grains. To keep your grill free from rust, one has to clean their Grill immediately after use as the longer food debris remains on the grill, the harder it will be to clean off.

There are many grill cleaning methods I will outline in this post that will make it easier for you to clean your grills. Choose any cleaning method convenient to you and based on the material your grill is made of. Most grill masters use strong wire brushes to clean after cooking on the grill. Although, this is a good way of removing rust it can be dangerous as it can damage the Stainless Steel Grill.

 I will show you effective and safer means of cleaning rust from your grills.

Rust Cleaning Methods

Vinegar and Salt:

 Vinegar is one non-toxic substance that can remove and eliminate rust from grills. Rust can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and salt. To use salt and Vinegar to clean rust, mix 2 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of salt in a large bowl, put your rust grates in a big garbage bag and let the grates soak overnight. Once you are done soaking them, use a rag or an old towel to clean the rust. The salt will serve as an abrasive making it easier for you to remove rust.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another non-toxic rust removal substance that one can use to clean his grill grates. Using baking soda to eliminate stainless steel stains involves you brushing your grill grates with a bristle brush to remove rust from the surface as possible as you can. Set the grates on the barbecue and sprinkle soda oil on it. Turn the barbecue on and the heat will make the powder bubble. The bubbling process will wipe away the rust from the grates. Switch off your grill and give it time to cool.

Use your soft brush and clean the grates again. Your grill will be clean and ready for the next time.

 Wire Brush Method:

The wire Brush method is the fastest way to remove rust from the grill. Although this method is fast it can be harmful to your grill as it can damage the grates. This method should not be done frequently as it can destroy your grates. For this method, remove the grates from the barbecue and put them flat on your driveway or patio. Use your wire brush and slide it into your grates and wipe away the rust. Remember to flip the grates over to remove the rust from the other side. Brush the metal rung after positioning the grates on their side.

Commercial Rust remover

A commercial rust remover is a tool that is used to remove rust from grates. You can see different types of rust removers at any store near you. They remove rust effectively from grates but they possess some toxic or chemical substances that might be harmful to your food. If you want to buy a rust removal, make sure it is specifically designed for removing rusty grills on a barbecue. Using a generic rust remover might poison your food with some toxic elements. You will find commercial rust remover in the barbecue section of any home repair or departmental stores.

 Lemon Juice with Detergent Lemon

This is one effective non-toxic rust removing the fruit. To use this lemon juice technique, you will need to add powder dish washing detergent and water to the lemon juice. It will form a thick paste. Use the concoction on the grates with a soft brush and allow it to stay overnight. Use warm water with a sponge or rag to clean the grates, afterward use warm water to rinse them.


If your grill has too much amount of rust on it, use sandpaper to clean it. Sandpaper has its disadvantage as it can scratch or damage the surface of your grates. I will advise you to use this method when other methods have failed. For this technique, wrap sandpaper around each rung of your grates. Slide the sandpaper up and down to remove the rust from your grate’s steel.

How to Maintain Your Grill to Avoid Rust?

Although stainless steel is a product that is resistant to corrosion, the grates will get rusty if it becomes moist for a long period of time. Always keep your grates clean by cleaning them with warm water and detergent. Never you use wire wool to clean them but rather use a soft sponge or a clean rag. Maintain your grill grates the way you maintain your iron skillet by lubricating and seasoning them always with vegetable oil.

The often you cook on your grill, the lesser food debris will stick to it as meat lubricates it. Meat fats also help in preventing rust from your grills. After using your grill, always coat the grates with vegetable oil. Another way to maintain your grill is by storing your barbecue in your tool and garage shed instead of the grill.



The best way to remove rust from the grill is by preventing it in the first place from happening. To prevent rust from your grill, always clean it with water and a sponge. Also, don’t keep food remains on it to prevent it from rusting. One can also use grill mats to prevent rust. If you fail to prevent rust from your grill, first use the non-toxic methods before using toxic techniques if they fail. During winter seasons, always keep an eye on your grill to see any rust. If you see any rust, use the 6 methods mentioned above to clean and protect your grills from rust.

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