20 Best Garage Door Repair Companies in L.A


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Hiring a professional is what everyone opts for. A professional offers a perfectly done job that will give you the satisfaction you need. In L. A, many good garage door repair companies can do the job but as usual, I only recommend the best.

20 Best Garage Door Repair Companies

In L. A, the 20 Best garage door repair companies include:

1)GR8 Garage Door Repair: This company has been around for about 10 years now and has done this garage door repair job to the satisfaction of many L.A. Residents. Their customers testify how they respond to calls quickly and how there is no garage door repair job they can’t do. Their services include seasonal check-ups, panel repair e.t.c Their contact line is (310) 982-6428

2) Pro-line Garage Door Inc.: Their Patronizers say, that they can use a single day to repair whatever damages that happened to a garage door. This company is known for offering 5-star services for a very affordable price. As of now, they are offering a $25 discount to their Patronizers. They extend their services to other places like La Miranda, La Habra, Bell gardens, e.t.c Contact line is (866)540-7805

3)Iron Man Gates and Door Design: This company has a unique name that suits its unique personality. They are prompt to offer services. According to some customers, they provide services 24/7 as long as you are in L.A. A customer whose name is Kate H. reported how quickly they responded to her, identified the issue, and rectified it within an hour.

4) Garage Door Basics: They perform different garage door repairs like repair of garage door openers, garage door maintenance, garage door spring repair, e.t.c. This company has a team of focused experts that do the job. They are also known for repairing damaged doors that will end up never spoiling. Contact line (818) 964-103

5)Secure Garage Door Repair: Customers praise them for their high level of experience, and the way they easily identify the problem and solve it in the best way possible. They also provide services like fixing broken springs, replacing garage door openers, and so on. A customer William S in his review said “I had some problems with the springs of my garage door and called this garage door contractor for an initial consultation, and I am glad they were very thorough in giving insights regarding my problem. Also, very impressed by their actual repair of the loose springs. The crew that assisted me is very knowledgeable and efficient”

6)Two Brothers Garage Door and Gates: This company is also good in garage door and gate repairs and installation of new ones. My neighbors patronize them regularly and they assured me that this company is all I need for my garage door repair. To enjoy their services you must book an appointment with them. Their contact line is (818)288 0853.

7)5H Garage Door Inc.: The 5H garage door incorporated has about 15 years of experience in garage door repairs and installment. They are available 24/7 to meet your demands. They are also quite affordable and they render efficient services to their customers. They work in partnership with high-profile companies like a genie and lift master to install high-tech door openers.

8) Precision Door Services of Southern California: This company has more than 1,000 positive reviews. A Customer testified how they give immediate response to a problem. Another customer described that they have a truck full of many garage door repair parts and how they conduct repairs in a swift of an eye. Some problems they tackle are broken garage springs, openers, panels, and many more.

9)GMRFix Garage Door: If you need an emergency garage door repair then you should consider contacting GMRFix garage door. Many garage door repair services include garage door cable repair, motor gate repair, sliding gate repair, spring repair, e.t.c

10) Signature Garage Doors and Gate Inc.: Signature garage doors and Gate Inc. is another company a friend recommended to me. My friend said that she has been contacting this company for 10 years and for once they have never disappointed her. She said that it doesn’t take them more than 30min-1hour to repair whatever is damaged.

11) Budget Garage Door Repair: Their name says it all. This company is for fellows who are on a budget. This company portrays that you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy quality services. They are quick to diagnose the problem as well as solve it. (424) 835-9819

12) Pristine Garage Doors and Gate Repair: This company has been involved in garage door repair and installment for over 20 years. I can beat my chest and assure you that their workers are very knowledgeable and there is no problem your garage is facing that their team of workers can’t handle. Contact line (818)862-6665.

13)ASAP Garage Door and Gate: This company is another company that is known for how knowledgeable they are. They have been in this business for 42 years and have more than a million positive reviews from their customers. An old couple claimed that they never fail.

14)Master Garage Door and Gate Repair: Their services range from $20-$40. This shows they are inexpensive. Although they are not really quick to respond to calls and appointments, they produce a satisfying result. In one of the reviews, a customer stated that their team did not just solve the current problem but identified other problems, solved them, and gave him some helpful tips. Contact line (323)393-6924

15) Garage Door Doctor: Yes, they cure your garage door of any problem it has. They have a normal response time of 20 minutes. They are also well-known for providing quality services for a very reasonable price. They have more than 500 positive reviews even though they are a little bit new to the business. The contact line is (310)904-9425

16) Capital Garage Door and Gate Repair: With this company, satisfaction is guaranteed. They have a wide range of garage doors and openers that will definitely suit your taste. They also have top-notched professionals that will carry out an efficient garage door repair for you. Contact us at (818)450-3243

17)First Garage Door and Gates: This company is highly trusted due to they only hiring workers with experience so be rest assured that any team sent to you knows what they are doing. They have high-quality parts in case anything in your door needs a replacement.

18)Xtra Care Garage and Gate: In one of the many positive reviews, a customer-rated them 10/10 and narrated his experience with the company. According to him, it was late at night when his garage door developed a life-threatening fault. He called them and that same night they sent some workers who were indeed true gentlemen. Immediately they rectified the problem for a very reasonable price.

19)Jessy Garage Door: This company is located in Bell, California but also renders its services in Los Angeles. In case there is any need for replacement, they have sophisticated doors that will wow you. Contact line (323)867-6981

20) Infinity Garage Door and Gates: Their name complements their status. They have tried as much as possible to live up to the standard of their name. Although their response time is low they offer a perfectly done job.


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Finally, All these companies are very efficient in carrying out their job. I can’t rate in this article the one that is better than the other because all of them are made up of experienced workers who render quality services to their customers.

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