How to remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly


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The bathroom is a very important part of our homes as it holds key to our cleanliness and on its own has to be impeccably clean, and nothing is more annoying than splotchy stains on your pristine bathroom tiles, today I would explore how to remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly.

Now the singular culprit for this is actually something that you might not suspect is the culprit for the unsightly sight that we very well know that culprit is hard water. If you are going to learn how to remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly, you need to be very familiar with what causes it and the mechanisms around that.

Now, the best-proven way to remove stains on bathroom tiles is to use chlorine or baking soda or natural cleaning products

This problematic type of water is notorious for building up in faucets, showers, sinks and over time creates the devil may know horrors gnat are bathroom stains. Naturally, the small buildups on the are invisible to the eye at the early point. This can affect everything from your appliances and plumbing to the tile and grout in your bathroom shower leading to ugly stains on bathroom tiles. They are quite hard to see when they start at first but if left unattended ugly stains on Bathroom tiles would be created.

how to remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly

Why Does Hard Water Cause Stains on bathroom tiles?

Water hardness is actually a common occurrence in nature and it’s caused by the accumulation of calcium and magnesium, normally the water in your homes shouldn’t have it but when this water evaporates, it leaves the coating of these minerals and thus causes stains on your bathroom tiles.

Problems Caused due to Hard Water stains on Bathroom Tiles

Hard water can cause a lot of issues to your bathroom plumbing and fixtures it can block your water wipes, it can make your soaps, shampoos and detergent work less effectively and obviously causes stains on bathroom tiles.

You would get clogged showers: You may notice that usually after you get stains on bathroom tiles that your shower stops releasing the amount of water it used to before, this is because of the calcium and magnesium sedimentation in the shower nozzles.

You would also get Clogged drains:  this is a hard water problem too and results in clogging your pumps and pipes and soon water takes longer to drain in your sinks, and can also give tiny, dried water spots on your washbasin.

It becomes more difficult to clean: because of the interaction between cleaning agents and the minerals, cleaning your bathroom turns into war, it can also make and create build-up in the hair, causing it to frizz, look lifeless, and feel rough.

How to Get Rid of Stains on bathroom tiles?

how to remove stains on bathroom tiles

Use a Bathroom Water Softener

Using a water softener ensures that hard water does not cause any more damage and prevents stains on bathroom tiles and ensures that you get is soft water. These water softeners make use of ion exchange processes to replace excess calcium and magnesium with the ions of sodium or potassium to provide you with soft water. the softeners come in various sizes and shapes but you can go for a whole-house water softener or a point-of-use water softener which will guarantee that you don’t get stains on bathroom tiles.

Use vinegar

This is an effective but simple way to remove stains on bathroom tiles and can get rid of stains effectively. Vinegar as you may know is a popular cleaning agent and has some active ingredients that can remove any impurities from your bathroom tiles and any tiled surface or metallic surface. However, though, mixing it with liquid dish detergent and warm water.

Baking soda

Backing soda is another powerful cleaning product especially effective at removing impurities, which is highly boosted when mixed with products such as liquid dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Be extremely cautious though with this product as it can be very dangerous if wrongly used, wear gloves for your hands, and then witness the marvel it gives as it removes stains on bathroom tiles quickly.  Do not forget to rinse the tiles completely after application with warm water to remove any residue from them. 

Use chlorine

How to Remove Stains on bathroom  Tiles

Chlorine is believed to be one of the best bleaching agents and you can probably testify to this bare fact, it is a product that is effective against microbial activity such as bacteria, mould, yeast and for cleaning and getting rid of stains.

You can remove any harmful substances from your bathroom tiles completely with chlorine, when this ingredient is applied to your tiles, it can be used to remove stains on bathroom tiles

Natural tile cleaning products

There are a lot of products that are specially created to clean your bathroom tiles and can help remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly. They are products that are usually made from natural ingredients and are safe for bathroom tile.

You can buy these cleaning supplies in many retailers or other home improvement stores these days.  You can speak with the sales reps to understand the best products to use for your tiles and select the best cleaning supplies. 

Cooking oil

You can use a few drops of cooking oil for removing stains from bathroom tiles quickly and it’s not well-known with many people but be careful when doing this though and make sure to use a soft cloth when applying this cooking oil on your bathroom tiles.

You need to rinse your bathroom tiles completely after use making sure that you use soap or shampoo for removing excess oil from your tiles. If you use this particular strategy, you can successfully remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly.


In conclusion, I trust that you have gone through the various strategies listed here to explain the best ways to remove stains on bathroom tiles quickly, pick the one most suited for your environ mint, feel free to use the comment box to share your views about the particular topic. We would love to hear your view.

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