How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof: Reasons and Cost


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Replacing a roof is a major expense for most homeowners. Different houses come in different shapes and sizes and therefore, its not very easy to guess how much and how long it would take to replace a roof.

One thing you can do right away is call a roofer to look at your current roof and get a quote. This is the fastest way to know how much it would cost, and how long it would take.

regardless, the average cost of reroofing an average house is $10,000 and the costs can be higher depending on how large your roof or how much work needs to be done.

Some homes need more repairs than others because of how old they are or what type of shingles were used in the past. If you’re not sure how long it takes to replace a roof, read this article!


What is a roof?

A roof is the protective covering on top of a building. It prevents water, ice, and other things from damaging your home’s interior by keeping it outside instead.

There are three types: metal, wood, or asphalt shingles. Metal roofs were traditionally used for industrial buildings but more homeowners today are using them because they last longer. Wood roofs are popular, but in areas where there is a high risk of fire or other damage, asphalt shingles are preferred.

A roof’s lifespan can range from 15-40 years depending on how well it was maintained. It takes about 20 years for an average roof to need replacing because as it ages the shingles break down and the underlying layers may deteriorate.

This post will teach how to measure your roof, how long it takes to replace a roof depending on what type of shingles are being used, how much does it cost to reroof an average house in America, and more!

How long does it take to replace a roof?

How long it take to replace a roof?

How long it takes to replace a roof depends on what type of shingles you have. A metal roof generally lasts about 40 years before needing to be replaced, while an asphalt or wood will last 15-20 years.

It can take as little as two days and up to three weeks for the process to be complete.

On average, how long it takes to replace a roof is about one month with little or no disruption from weather conditions. The process includes removing your old shingles and installing new ones in their place. It can be done sooner if you’re willing to take on more work like cutting out any damaged wood pieces or repairing metal flashing joints.

The cost of reroofing for an average house varies depending on what type of shingle is used but typically ranges between $1000-2000 per thousand square feet installed plus material costs which are usually around $150-$200 per thousand square feet installed.

Asphalt roofs tend to be cheaper because they require fewer materials while metal roofs have higher installation charges due to how much the materials cost.

The average roof size for a house is about 25 square feet with asphalt shingle, so it would be about $2500-$3000 to have your old and new roofs installed.

There are many factors that determine how long it takes to replace a roof including how good in shape the underlying support structure is in, how damaged or worn out your current shingles are, what type of shingles you’re installing (metallic vs wood) and how big your home’s roof area is.

The more work needed will increase the time frame as well because some repairs might take longer than others like cutting off any loose pieces from around chimneys or removing metal flashing joints at risk for rust due to how old they are.

You can call a roofer to replace a roof before the first signs of wear shows up.

What are the benefits of having a new roof installed on your home?

There are many benefits to having a new roof installed on your home. Having the old shingles removed and replaced will extend how long they last before they need replacing again.

If your roof is leaking or damaged, having it repaired can potentially save thousands of dollars if you wait too long and have to replace all that’s needed at once like how much does it cost to reroof an average house in America! A new roof also increases how safe your home will be by preventing water damage from happening inside due to a leaky old roof.

Asphalt roofs are cheaper than metal because they require fewer materials but last about half as long so replacing them sooner would save money down the line when compared with a more expensive type of shingle-like what kind should I use for my next roof? Wood roofs offer some benefits as well such as being environmentally friendly and needing little repairs.

What time of year is best to replace a roof?

A new roof is best replaced in the spring or fall seasons because the cost of reroofing an average house in America will be lowered since you’re not working during a high heat season.

Should I stay home during roof replacement?

No, you should not have to stay home during the process of replacing your roof. The time frame will vary depending on how big your roof is and there are steps that can be done ahead of time if necessary so it doesn’t take as long for those who want to keep going about their daily routines before or after work while they wait for the final outcome.

You might notice more noise outside like drilling sounds but this is normal when installing a new roof! Nothing inside will be disturbed by any construction happening in order to install a new shingle which means you won’t need to worry about anything being broken or damaged from doing so.

People should change their roofs when they notice any signs of wear and tear because it could be a safety issue if left untreated.

How do you know when it’s time to replace the roof on your home or business?

Most people know when it’s time to replace a roof because they can see the damage themselves and this is what triggers them to hire someone.

If you notice anything like missing shingles, broken or cracked ones, or any other signs of wear that could be due to heavy winds or storms then these are all reasons why your old roof might need to be replaced soon before something worse happens. The more issues there are with an older roof will increase how much work needs to be done which would raise costs on top of the price for materials so homeowners should pay attention!

The lifespan of asphalt roofs like already mentioned ranges from 15-40 years while metal lasts up to 60+ years depending on what type was installed originally so it’ll vary depending on the material used.

What happens if it rains during roof replacement?

You should never start a roofing project on the day of a rainstorm. This is because if you do then there’s no insurance against any damage that could happen to your home during this time and hiring someone else will be necessary in order to finish what they started which would add more costs.

The first thing anyone can do before starting their own DIY job with replacing an old roof is to always check weather reports for when it might rain. If you are currently in the rainy season, do not replace your roof.

If it does rain during your project then tarps will be needed in order for them not to become wet and heavy with water which would make things more difficult while trying to complete the roof replacement.

Anyone who is replacing their own old roof should always have some tarps handy before starting work or they risk getting too much of an issue going on when working like this because once that happens, it’ll take longer than expected!

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